Don’t Neglect Your Spiritual Gift (Part Eleven) The Gift of Ruling

The Gift of Ruling

Romans 12:8


Concerning the gift of ruling Paul said, “he that ruleth, with diligence”. We are to be diligent at whatsoever God has put us in charge of. [Rom.13:1-7] “…the powers that be are ordained of God.” So if you have authority over anything in your life, God gave you that gift. Do you think that God is surprised who our president is? No, he has allowed it. What has he allowed you to rule over?  Are you diligent? Let’s look at what this involves.

To Be Diligent means to be constant in effort to accomplish what is undertaken, not idle or negligent.

[Prov.12:24]  The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute. God ordains the powers that be, but he also can remove those who are not diligent.

[Prov.27:23] Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.

No matter how great or how small your area of “ruling” may cover, make a constant effort to take care of it (diligent) and not to neglect it. Do you have a goldfish, dog, cat, child, or a spouse? You have been given a position of ruling, and you are to be diligent.

[Rom.13:2] We are also not to resist whoever rules over us!

[2 Sam.23:1-3] Two factors in “he that ruleth over men”:

“must be just”   Be Consistent

  • Impartial [Acts 10:34] no respecter of persons
  • Fair [Ps.86:15] God is the perfect example

A ruler that is just or consistent is always preferred. If your ruler is consistent then you know ahead of time what to expect when you make a mistake or what to expect when you do right.

“ruling in the fear of God”            Be Correct

  • By the Book [John 17:17] The source of Truth  [John 13:48] The Standard [Rev.20:12]
  • Knowing that you will be accountable to God [Heb.13:17]

A ruler has accountability to his ruler. The fear of God should be the overriding control in your ruling.

When ruling we must be diligent, consistent, and correct.