Don’t Neglect Your Spiritual Gift (Part Ten) The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

Romans 12:8

                The next Spiritual gift Paul mentions in our text is giving. The Lord said “it is more blessed to give than receive”, [Acts.20:35]. You will never understand this until you become a giver. Paul also said that a man shouldn’t eat unless he works, [2Thes.3:10], but he should also work so that he can give, [Eph.4:28]. The text also states to give “with simplicity”. Let’s look at how a Christian can give with simplicity.


Give of Your Person       [Rom.12:1-2] “Living Sacrifice” …”which is your reasonable service” This is the most important part of giving. You must reach a point where you surrender your will and seek God’s will. [Luke 22:42] “…nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done” This is the living sacrifice Paul is speaking of, submission to God’s will. Is there anything in your life that you would not give away or give up to please God?

[2Cor.8:1-5] “…but first gave their own selves to the Lord…” See, the first thing given was their own selves. They surrendered to the Lord and unto Paul for whatever was needed. No – “I don’t have the time” or “I work all day and I’m tired” We always find the time and energy to do the things we want.

It is very simple


Give of Your Possessions              [2Cor.9:7] “…God loveth a cheerful giver.”  The context of the verse is giving material things. God loves cheerful giving. There is some controversy about the tithe and the New Testament church. Let’s explore this topic:

  • [Gen.14:20] Abraham gave the tithe BEFORE the law.
  • [Lev.27:30-33] God required it UNDER the law.
  • [Mal.3:8] God considers it robbery if you don’t do it.
  • [Heb. 13:8 “ Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” Do you think that God has changed his mind? No.
  • [Luke 6:38] Jesus tells us to give.

The tithe is the Lord’s. But there are offerings, missions, special needs, and have you ever given for fun?  Has God ever put the urge to give in your heart? Never resist a Godly urge to give.

                                                                It is very simple


Give of Your Prayers      [1Thes.5:25] Pray for others physical needs

Health, Job, School, Marriage

[2Thes.3:1] Pray for God’s work

Our church, our Pastor, our ministries, our missionaries

[Heb.13:18] Pray for others spiritual needs

Your children and other relatives to be saved

Godly spouses for your children

To resist temptation, victory over sin

What  precious gift to give.

It is very simple


The Lord said “it is more blessed to give than receive”, give of yourself, give of your possessions, and give of your prayers and find out how blessed it is.