Doing a Great Work

Doing a Great Work

Are you doing a great work? Nehemiah was, and his enemies were trying to distract him. He was not going to stop, because he knew the importance of the work. the Lord did some mighty works while he was on this earth, but [John 14:12] We should be doing “greater works than these”. Let us look at some great works that each one of can accomplish.

[Josh.24:15] Building and maintaining a good Christian Home

[Prov.24:27] Prepare thy work without….
You should be concerned with preparing you long before you go looking for a spouse. Finish up your schooling, and have a good start on your career.
Must start with a good foundation – [1 Cor.3:11] Must be built in the correct order – [1 Cor.11:3] This is doing a great work


[1 Cor.15:58] Faithful in the work of the church

Faithfulness is your choice, you always make that choice, no one can make you faithful
[Isa.6:8] You should be looking for a place to serve God in your church
[Prov.10:5] show yourself wise
This is doing a great work

[Heb.11:5] Building and maintaining your Christian Testimony

Do you have a testimony that pleases God?
[2 Tim.3:14-17] God has provided all the instruction and knowledge that you need.
Building and maintaining are lifelong works, and you will have setbacks
[Heb.12:1-2] Just run your race
This is doing a great work


[Mark 1:35] Maintaining Private Devotions

You must have private time with God
This is not, church, sunday school, Bible stuides, radio or internet.
You should have a Devoted:
Time – Consistant
Place- [Matt.6:6] without distractions
Purpose- Read, study, pray, thank, confess…
This is doing a great work