Discretion Prov 1:4

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Discretion is “the quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment: the quality of being discreet: circumspection: ability to make responsible decisions,” Merriam-Webster dictionary.  Paul writes about circumspection in Eph 5:16-17.

You need discretion to:

Make wise decisions in youth – Young adults must learn discretion [Prov 1:4].  That’s one of the reasons that Solomon wrote the Proverbs, “to give… the young man… discretion.”  See Prov 2:11 (12-17) and Prov 5:1-2.  You get discretion from reading, believing and living the Bible.  And you get discretion from those who counsel you from the Bible.  You also get discretion from God [Is 28:26].  Discretion keeps you from the evil man and the strange woman.

Walk safely and not be afraid – Prov 3:21-26.  Many people lose sleep over fear and anxiety.  They are tense and stressed.  News propagates fear and anger.  Thus, you would be wise to avoid most of the news and many of the internet sites you visit and concentrate more on the words of God.  Discretion shows you whom to fear; you are to fear the Lord.  In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence [Prov 14:26].

Stay away from trouble – Prov 11:22 – A young woman without discretion is like a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout [a beautiful thing in a terrible place].  She needs to be discreet [Titus 2:5].  She must learn to adorn herself with modest apparel, shamefacedness, and sobriety.  Discretion will also keep a man out of trouble with his anger [Prov 19:11].  Men rarely make wise decisions when they are in a rage.

Guide your affairs – Ps 112:5 – Discretion is the characteristic of a good man.  A good man will guide his affairs with discretion.  One of the best biblical examples of a good man with discretion is Joseph [Gen 41:33, 39].  Be like him.