What a Disciple of Christ Does, Jn 8:31

What a Disciple of Christ Does Jn 8: 31 CLICK TITLE FOR ADUIO

In the prior broadcast we preached on being a disciple of Christ.  He’s one that denies himself, takes up his cross, follows Jesus and forsakes all.  I asked you to count the cost, to see if you were willing to be a disciple of Christ.  If you are willing, then you should know what a disciple of Christ does.  A disciple of Christ:

A Disciple Of Christ

Continues In God’s Words

Continues in God’s word – Jn 8:31 – he reads these words, he believes these words, he attends to these words, he loves these words, he lives by these words, he does these words, he follows these words, he publishes these words.

Loves The Brethren

Loves the brethren – Jn 13:34- 35 – we were told to love one another… “as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”  And here’s the result, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”  Our love for each other is a testimony to others that we are Christ’s.  Our love should be a witness to them that what we have is better than what the world has.  The sincerity of our love is demonstrated by our fellowship, giving, support, prayer, forgiveness, truth, and care.

Bears Much Fruit

Bears much fruit – Jn 15:8 – this fruit is produced by the vine and borne by the disciple.  So, this fruit is the fruit of the Spirit [Gal 5:22-23], the fruit of righteousness [Jas 3:18], the fruit of the word of God [Mk 4:20], and the fruit of our lips [Heb 13:15].

Labors In The Harvest

Labors in the harvest – Matt 9:37-38 – the trouble with the harvest is that there have always been too few laborers.  A disciple of Christ presents himself to the Lord as a laborer.  The Lord will use him to labor right where he is.  And from there he will use him to support his church in its labors in the harvest and to pray that the Lord will send forth laborers into his harvest.  As he grows in this work, the Lord may even use him full-time in the ministry.

A Disciple Of Christ Will Be Rewarded

Conclusion: for this he will be well rewarded [Mk 10:29-30].  You can receive a hundredfold more than you forsake in this lifetime.  We have many homes around the world and many, many family members in the body of Christ, with whom we are more closely related than even our blood relatives.  We have received exponentially more than we ever forsook.  But, Mark said that we receive these with persecutions.  Remember, this is part of the cost, this is being as your master [Matt 10:24-25].

Additionally, you will receive eternal life in the world to come.  Of course, all Christians, whether they follow Jesus or not, have eternal life.  That’s part of the gift when you receive Jesus Christ.  However, those who are disciples of Christ will receive a reward that they will keep for eternity.  Remember the parable of the pounds.  The man that made the one pound to be 10 pounds kept the 10 pounds and also received the 1 pound that the wicked servant laid up in a napkin.