Discernment 1Tim. 2:13-14

Discernment 1 Tim. 2: 13-14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO


Discernment is the ability to know or understand the difference between two or more things. As Christians we need to be able to discern good from evil, and right from wrong. A man once said, “The first great rule in life is to put up with things; the second great rule is to refuse to put up with things; and the third—and hardest—great rule is to carefully distinguish between the first two.” To “carefully distinguish between” things is discernment.

We have an adversary that “deceiveth the whole world” [Rev.12:9]. Your ability to discern can be hindered, and cause you not to be able to make correct decisions. You need to acknowledge your level of discernment, so you know when to seek council. Your adversary knows your level of discernment and will use it against you.

Discernment is knowing the right choice, making the right choice is another matter, Adam   [1 Tim.2:14]. Adam knew what Eve was doing was wrong, yet he chose to sin.

Areas that you need Discernment

  • Judgment of Good and Bad [1 Kings3:9&11] Solomon – understanding
  • Know the difference between unclean and clean [Eze.44:23] holy and profane
  • Know the difference between the righteous and the wicked [Mal.3:18] 2nd advent
  • Spiritual Discernment [1Cor.2:14] Work of the Holy Spirit [Rom.8:14]

Hindrances to Discernment

[Gen.27] Feelings, Isaac based all his discernment on his senses.

  1. Touch – Isaac [Gen.27:23]
  2. Sight – Isaac’s was dim [Gen.27:1] so he depended on his other senses. Thomas [Jn.21:24-28] must see to believe
  3. Hearing – Isaac’s hearing was correct [Gen.27:22] but he didn’t believe it. Joshua [Ex.32:15-18] “noise of war”
  4. Smell – Isaac [Gen.27:27] fooled him.
  5. Taste – [Gen.27:25] it tasted like Esau’s    [2 Kings 4:38-41] “death in the pot”
[Ezra 3:13] Unclear choices

  1. Counterfeit – [2Cor.11:14] “angel of light’ Satan can counterfeit a door of opportunity that you discern as being form the Lord.
  2. Camouflage – [Matt.7:15] [Acts 20:29-30] “grievous wolves” “Hidden dangers” are normally camouflaged and hard to discern
[Heb.5:14]  Lack of Experience

  1. Age [Prov.7:7] Babies have no discernment.
  2. Experience “by reason of use”
[1Kings 20] Emotions King Ahab made a covenant with Ben-ha-dad [v.34], against                                                God’s will, based on his emotions. We often base our discernment on emotions instead                              of God’s will.

Acknowledge you level of discernment. Pray and always seek wise council on even the most simplest of decisions.