Difference Between Holy and Unholy Part II, Lev 10:10

Difference Between Holy and Unholy Part II Lev. 10: 10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Now, there are some unholy things that you have going on in your life and you need to see them as unholy and then you need to get them out of your life.  We covered some of these in the prior broadcast and here are some more:

Worldly music is unholy – Job 21:12-15, Is 14:11-12; Ezek 28:13 – Worldly music has infiltrated the churches and the homes of Christians and is passing off as the new praise and worship music.  It is acceptable because people like it and churches use it to get up a crowd.  But it is unholy even though the musicians slip a little Jesus or perverted scripture into the lyrics.  Consider that if you introduce poison into a glass of sweet tea, it is now poisonous no matter how good the tea was before.  Likewise, if you start with poison, you can add tea and you still have poison.  Worldly music produces unholy, worldly Christians [Jas 4:4].  You need to get that stuff out of your life.

Hollywood is unholy – Prov 6:16-19 – Hollywood [a corruption of Holy Wood] is perverted and has made a fortune producing movies of things that God hates.  You cannot watch those movies without thinking about those images and the Lord hates a heart that deviseth wicked imaginations.  You need to follow 2 Cor 10:4-5 to get those thoughts out of your head and you need to stay away from the movie theater, the cable movies and DVD’s that keep pumping that ungodly sewage into your heart and mind.  Even the movies about true stories are embellished to make them entertaining.  Furthermore, when the movie is based on a true character or event, the book is ALWAYS better.

Wicked thoughts are unholy – Prov 6:18 – and while we are on the subject, you may be clean in every area of your life except for your thought life.  And since no one but God can see your thoughts until they come out in your actions [Prov 23:7] you think that you are holy.  You are not.  God hates your wicked thoughts.  According to Gen 6:5 wicked thinking is what compelled God to send Noah’s flood.  You need to make a decision to stop thinking unholy thoughts and by God’s grace you need to stop.  You have been given the mind of Christ and the mind of Christ doesn’t think about the stuff you have been thinking about.

Conclusion: Now that you can identify some things that are unholy, you can begin to stay away from these things [Acts 19:19].  Your separation from them will help you BE holy, just like the Lord told us to BE holy.  And don’t use the excuse that you are saved and therefore anything you do is holy and acceptable to God.  That is simply a lie.  At some point you will begin to love the holiness of God in your life so much that you will do whatever it takes to keep from being soiled again by these unholy and defiling things.