The Devil is a Unifier, Is 10:13

In Is 10:13 we read that the devil has “removed the bounds of the people.”  You might remember from our prior broadcast that the Lord is the one who set the bounds, in order to keep the nations separate [Deut 32:8; Acts 17:26].  So, the devil is a unifier, whereas God is a divider.  The only things that the devil attempts to divide are the things that God wants together. He attempts to divide:

  • Ps 133:1 – the brethren – we are in unity because we have a common Father.  The devil tries to divide us by introducing discord among brethren.
  • Eph 4:3 – the body of Christ – we are in unity because we have a common Spirit.  The devil tries to divide the body by introducing unclean spirits.
  • Eph 4:13 – the faith – we are in unity because we have a common doctrine.  The devil tries to divide the faith by introducing false doctrine and perversions in the words of God.

Aside from these things, the devil unifies or joins:

Nations with nations – God set the bounds of the nations in Deut 32:8.  He did this so that they would seek the Lord [Acts 17:26-27].  The devil removes the bounds to rob the treasures and put down the people, Is 10:13-14.  He does this through organizations like the UN and the EU and through the increase of communication and transportation, Dan 12:4.  These technological advances are not at all what you think they are.  They are getting the world together for the ease of control by the antichrist.  Notice how the world is becoming more unified with English as the common language.  As the world becomes more unified with language, communication, transportation, and organization, it grows farther from God.  You hear much about globalism these days.  Just remember that the devil is the one who is behind this work of unifying the nations.  People get excited about using social networking to get people to church.  I believe more people have been harmed by social networking, who were already in church, than have been brought to Christ by social networking.  

Light with Darkness – light and darkness have no communion with God, 2 Cor 6:14, Gen 1:4.  And yet the devil, who is the ruler of the darkness of this world [Eph 6:12], is transformed into an angel of light [2 Cor 11:14].  He is the union of darkness with light.  The result is similar to using electric light at night to see.  Electric light allows you to see but it does not dispel the darkness.  The darkness is still there.  With the devil there is the sense that you have come out of darkness into light when you haven’t.  Thus, there are many more professing Christians who are lost than there are who are saved.  The devil’s light has been mixed with their darkness to give them a false sense of hope.  That’s just what the devil wants.  They need Jesus to take them out of darkness and into his marvelous light [1 Pet 2:9].  Sadly, religious people who have the devil’s light mixed with their darkness are still in darkness and will wind up in outer darkness when they die.

Good with Evil – today people call good evil and evil good, Is 5:20.  These two opposites have been so mixed together by the devil that people are mixed up as to which is good and which is bad.  Today many people view the preacher as evil for pointing out sin.  And they view the sinner as good for being open-minded and liberal.  This is called tolerance by the world and corruption and perversion by the Lord.   You cannot bring evil into the church without eventually making the church evil.  Paul said, “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump,” [1 Cor 5:6].  That’s exactly what the devil wants to do.  God is not leading pastors to bring the world into the church in order to bring the world to Christ.  That’s the pretense for the substantial rise of worldliness in the church.   The fact is that the devil brings the world into the church to destroy the church and the effectiveness of its witness and testimony.  Today, there is very little difference between the pew and the bleacher.  That was not God’s doing.

Conclusion: The Lord kept these things separate so men would seek after the Lord.   He saved us out of the world to make us a peculiar people and a holy nation [1 Pet 2:9].  He called us out of darkness and into his marvelous light.  He saved us when we were evil so that he could make us good.  Now that nations and nations, light and darkness, and good and evil are all coming together, the devil is going to reign, 2 Thes 2:3; Rev 13.  The whole world is going to worship the devil and the result is going to be the absolute subversion of their souls and their condemnation in hell.  The Lord told you what you must do about this “getting together.”  He said, “Come out from among them and be ye separate,” [2 Cor 6:17; Rev 18:3-4].