Declutter Your Life Matt. 6:31-34

Declutter Your Life Matt. 6:31-34 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Matt 6:31-34 and Lk 9:3, among other places, we see that Jesus wanted his disciples to live uncluttered lives.  Likewise, you need to declutter your life.

I was talking with Joel Logan the other day about a revival that he preached in Canada.  It was truly something that God did.  And some of the key elements have to do with the topic of this sermon.  Anne has been decluttering our house and it is a slow painstaking process where you get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff and organize your other stuff so that you can function with it.  You need to declutter your life.  You need to:

Deal with your spiritual clutter – 2 Cor 7:1 – this is the clutter in your life that affects your spirit and dulls you to the work and voice of the Holy Spirit – fasting and prayer are a good way to identify spiritual clutter that you need to remove and renewing your spirit is a good way to get rid of it [Eph 4:23].

Deal with your devotional clutter – Col 3:2 – this is clutter that affects your soul – you need to honestly consider everything that you deeply love and you need to eliminate or re-prioritize anything that you love that competes with your love for the Lord God.

Deal with your emotional clutter – Prov 15:13-15 – this is clutter that affects your heart and your ability to live without baggage – you need to quit running back through the same sets of emotional stresses, regrets, hurts, pains and past experiences – they dominate your heart and so you can’t feel the joy, peace and contentment of your spiritual life.

Deal with your informational clutter – Phil 4:8; Prov 15:14 – this is clutter that affects your mind and your ability to think and concentrate on the things of God – you can accumulate this clutter from the news, tweets, social networks, gossip, and any source of non-essential information – declutter by eliminating unnecessary use of computers, cell phones, iPads, televisions, newspapers, etc – read more Bible.

Deal with your nutritional clutter – Dan 1:8, 12; Prov 23:21 – this is clutter that affects your body – you need to take a careful look at what you eat and drink and you need to eliminate the bad nutritional fuel [even what you call the “comfort” food – the Holy Spirit is supposed to be our Comforter] – everyone who succeeds in this process testifies to the same thing, they feel better – and when you feel good you can do more for the Lord and those to whom you minister

Deal with your organizational clutter – Acts 3:1; Dan 6:10 – this is clutter that affects your day and your ability to finish what God wants you to do – make a skeleton schedule and stick to it so that you don’t waste time but you don’t stress, either – get rid of all of the other stuff that is keeping you from your essential duties – flexibility is easier to accommodate around a skeleton schedule – my main schedule is prayer and the ministry of the word [Acts 6:4].

Deal with your recreational clutter – 2 Tim 3:4 – this is clutter that affects your life – you need to evaluate how you spend your “spare” time with entertainment, amusement and pleasure – often the reason that you can only give God one hour a week every so often is that your life is cluttered with recreational stuff – you need R&R, no doubt, but a little bit goes a long way.

Conclusion: To declutter takes a lot of time and effort but it pays off with huge benefits as you begin to accomplish more in and derive more from your life in Christ.