Be Not Deceived

Be Not Deceived


                Eve was deceived or beguiled in the Garden of Eden, [3:13] and [1Tim.2:13-14]. She never saw the bad, she only saw the good. Sin always presents its self as good. Sin feels good, looks good, taste good, sounds good, and smells good. It will deceive you also. The solution, [2Tim3:10-17], You must continue in the Scripture. God warns us seven times in the New Testament to be not deceived.


[Gal.6:7-8]           Your  Sowing and Reaping

  • It is a law just like Gravity
  • When you sow, you always reap: the same kind, much later, and much more.
  • Sow fear, un-forgiveness, and anger and guess what you reap?
  • [Prov.15:1] sow a soft answer….. You will always reap what you sow, don’t be deceived.


[Gal.6:3]               Your Pride

  • It causes you to deceive yourself
  • The end result of pride is destruction [Prov.16:18 & 18:12]
  • It is a disease you don’t know that you have, but everyone else knows!


[James 1:22]       Your Footsteps

  • You hear the words of God, (not listen) and don’t do anything about it.
  • You deceive yourself not everyone else, [Prov.20:11]


[Prov.20:1]          Your Wine and Strong drink

  • [Prov.23:29-35] “it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder”, don’t be deceived.


[Rom.7:11 & 18-19]         Your Sin

  • It will kill you spiritually [verse 9]
  • It will kill you physically [Rom.6:23][Rom.8:13][1Jn.5:16]
  • Be sure your sin will find you out, don’t be deceived.


[1Cor.6:9]            Your Inheritance

  • You will lose what is stored in heaven [1Pet.1:4]
  • You will lose your rewards [Col.2:18] and [2Jn.8]



[1Cor.15:33]       Your Mouth

  • Corruption like leaven [Gal.5:9] ( “this is just between you and me”) don’t be deceived, watch your mouth.
  • [James 3:1-8] Evil