1 Sam. 22:2

                The first time “debt” is mentioned in the Bible in in 1 Sam. 22:2. We find David escaping to the cave Adullam. In verse 2, three type of folks “gathered themselves unto” him, everyone that was in distress, in debt and discontented. These three always run together. Discontent and distress are the two causes of debt. Let’s look at how this works in our lives.


What does the Bible say about Debt?

  • [Prov.22:7] It makes you a servant to the lender
  • [Matt. 6:24] You can’t serve two masters
  • [Rom. 13:6-8] Pay your bills, and pay them on time.


Why do we go into Debt?

  1. Discontented- dissatisfied (not happy with what you have)
  • [Luke 3:7-14] Be content with your wages, if not do what it takes to get better job. “Live your Wage” like “act your age”.
  • [Phil. 4:10-12] “whatsoever state”, contentment is also “learned” and you must be “instructed” .
  • [1 Tim.6:1-8] “godliness with contentment”


  1. Distress- presses or strained, (unprepared)
  • We also go into debt because we find ourselves unprepared for the distresses of life. Everyone should have some sort of an “emergency fund” to cover those expected and unexpected costs of life. Jacob did, [Gen.42:1-2, 43:1-2], even when drought effected his food supply, he had money to buy food.
  • Some cost to prepare for:

Replace items you have now in the future (car, appliances, electronics, clothes)

Medical insurance and deductibles/ co-pays

Car insurance and deductibles, Repairs

Life Insurance

Education of children

Loss of Job, change of job


Be careful with debt caused by distress (being unprepared) or discontentment (being unhappy with what you have or don’t have). Learn to be content and prepared.