Dealing with Lust


Lust is something with which we all have to deal.  When dealing with lust there are some practical principles that you can apply that will help you to not give into it.

When dealing with lust, you need:

Conviction – Jas 1:14 – you must have some convictions in place – otherwise there is nothing from which you can be “drawn away” – establishing convictions doesn’t give you victory any more than the law can give you salvation – however, convictions establish a basis upon which you spiritually desire the Holy Spirit to help you.

Notice the verse speaks of being drawn away “of his own lust” which is an indication that the lust is in YOU and that you have the individual responsibility to deal with it.  You can’t blame the temptation.  Notice the verse speaks of being “enticed.”  In other words, things don’t entice you but rather the lust that leads you to be enticed by them is where the problem is.  When that lust that is in you entices you, you will be seeking those things after which you are lusting.  According to Jas 4:3 these are your lusts and so your convictions will help you to draw a line against these lusts.

Separation – 1 Jn 2:15-17 – you must separate yourself from those lusts that are in the world and separate yourself unto the Lord.  You need to separate from the love of the world and separate to the love of the Father.  You need to separate from the movies and music that promote the love of the world and separate to the hymns and preaching that promote the love of the Father.

In Jas 4:4-5 we find that there is a spirit in us that lusts to the envy of things that the world enjoys that we can’t have – this is a real problem for teens who have been denied worldly pleasures when they finally get out in the world – they envy their friends’ sins and want what they have been denied – therefore, they need to maintain separation into adulthood – the worst thing that can happen to them is that God will give them up to their own heart’s lust [Ps 81:12] – some never return from that departure.

Deviation – 2 Tim 2:22 – when confronted with lust, you must run away – quickly change course – according to Prov 4:14-15 it is best to avoid the path that even leads to the lust from which you are going to have to run – a woman lost 186 lbs in one year and kept it off by following this verse – she ran from her lusts – she reduced her portions at each meal and as soon as she finished her portions she walked until her appetite passed – by deviating from her former course, she was able to flee her lust and restore her health.

Sanctification – Gal 5:16-17 – this is the most important principle – holy living – pure heart – there is no better way to keep from fulfilling the lusts of the flesh than to walk in the Spirit – the Spirit of God will give you the strength of God to resist – that’s why it is important to incorporate the other three principles with this one because they will put you in the strongest position to have victory against the lusts of your flesh – that way when the evil comes that always accompanies your desire to do good, the Holy Spirit will honor your desire to serve the law of God with your mind and give you the victory in Christ that you truly desire [Rom 7:21-25].