David and Jonathan, 1 Sam 18:1-4

1 Sam 18:1-4 David and Jonathan CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When Jonathan saw David he knew right away that David was a man much like himself. He was brave and courageous in battle and unafraid to just go and get something done [like Jonathan did with the 1,000 men who destroyed a garrison of the Philistines and with his armor bearer when he destroyed a garrison of 20 men above a cliff].  So, Jonathan and David formed a lasting friendship that is an example of the depth of the friendship you can have with your friends.

Jonathan gave David:

His love – v.1 – he loved him as his own soul.  David said about Jonathan at the end of Jonathan’s life, “thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women,” [2 Sam 1:26].  Don’t let the perverted minds of men convince you that theirs was a homosexual relationship.  Men who think like that have reprobate minds [Rom 1:21-28].  Jonathan’s love passed the love of women, as the love of a daughter for her father, a sister for her brother, and a mother for her son.  Jonathan loved David as his own soul [Eph 5:28].

His soul – v.1 – like Jacob’s soul was knit with Benjamin [Gen 44:30].  Like the Macedonians gave themselves to the Lord and Paul [2 Cor 8:5].

His covenant – v.3 – a covenant of abiding friendship and mutual protection, no doubt, but see 1 Sam 20:11-17, 42; 2 Sam 9:1-8

His royal armor – v.4 – this was a great gift since Saul and Jonathan were the only ones with swords, 1 Sam 13:22.  Not only that, but Jonathan was the successor king by birth.  David was going to be the king by God’s choice since Saul disobeyed God and lost the kingdom.  Thus, giving up his garments was like giving up the throne, see 1 Sam 23:16-18.

Conclusion: Since David is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ, then we should give Jesus our love, our souls, our covenant and our royal armor, as Jonathan did to David.  Jesus should be the king of our lives and we should be next to him.