Cornelius’ House

Cornelius’ House Acts 10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

While we were in Mexico, we had the opportunity to preach in two house churches which are missions of the Templo Bautista in Pachuca, Mexico.  At the second church, in Sahagun, there were five lost people who had been invited to the Monday night meeting and after giving my testimony and preaching the gospel, there were at least three of them saved and another 4 who asked prayer for their souls [2 of them were being dealt with when we left that night]

On the way to the airport for our return to Texas, Bro Adam Thompson related several beneficial things to me that have helped him build up his work there and help his people lead others to Christ.

One of the things he told me about is built on the principle of what we see in this text – someone inviting family and friends over for a Bible study so that they can hear the gospel.

Let’s look at the text.

10:5, 19-20 – The Lord Put The Whole Thing Together

Publicly and from house to house – we do door knocking – good work – but these types of calls have been so productive over the years because I believe the Lord is the one guiding the invitation and schedule [the Lord’s method] – in our case we would have to prayerfully make the invitation and arrange the schedule to be sure God is in it – it is the best of all Divine Appointments

10:7-8 – Cornelius Called For The Preacher To Come To His House

You know what I remember about my childhood – doctors made house calls – thing of the past – likewise people shocked today when the preacher comes by – but great way to visit – much more relaxed and no distractions –

Now people would think it strange if the doctor knocked on your door and said I’m here just to check you out and make sure you are in good health – Can I come in? – slam – I already have a doctor – I feel fine – there’s nothing wrong with me – same way with door knocking – I already have a church – I feel fine with Jesus – slam

But if you invite the doctor to your house, that’s a different story altogether – social function with guests and you know what the guests are doing – Oh you’re a doctor – well I have this little pain here and I was wondering … you see – and it’s the same way with the preacher – oh this guy is a preacher well I was wondering about …

10:23 – The Preacher Went To His House

Don’t really know what Peter had scheduled but whatever it was he dropped it to make this call – it became the priority of the schedule – and he got to it as soon as he could – people sometimes reluctant to “bother” the preacher but when it comes to winning souls, there is no higher priority

I have noticed over the years that there have been such calls and while they take time and things need to be juggled around them, they get made and they are the best calls that I have ever had – they are efficient

10:24 – Cornelius Invited His Family And Friends

They knew what they were getting into v.33 – it was no surprise – but how much easier it is to get folks into your home than into a church – or to listen to a preacher at your house than at a cold call on his door step – Bill Noble gave his testimony at Tina Bade’s house

This is the key to what we want to do – get them to come to your house where we can meet them there and give them a 1 hour Bible study – follow up with invitations to church and discipleship

10:34-43 – The Preacher Preached

The purpose is to get them saved and to tell them about Jesus – Pastor Adam did this in Mexico – souls have been saved – saints have been involved in getting folks saved – they see how it’s done – they make the invitations the preacher can’t get – they set the stage for the discipleship

10:44 – The Folks Got Saved

The Spirit of God blessed the preaching of the word and many at Cornelius’ house were saved – there was a Hispanic family of 14 people that heard David Benavides preach in their home in Beeville – they all came to a revival meeting at the church and they were all saved there and then baptized

We need to start doing this.