Converting Sinners

Converting Sinners James 5:20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

How can my life be used in converting sinners from the error of their ways?  There are 5 ingredients.  It takes:

A Compelling Awareness of Father’s business – Lk2:49 – Paul was a tent maker.  By this occupation he provided his own necessities as well as the needs of others with him [Acts20:34].  But tent making was never his principal vocation.  He was about his Father’s business.

A Continuous Saturation with the words of God – 1 Pet 1:23 – men are born again by the word of God.  So, we must have a reservoir of verses in us that the Holy Spirit can use to bring a person to Christ.

A Conscious Filling with the Spirit – Matt 10:20, 1 Cor 2:11-13 – the Holy Spirit knows exactly what they need and so he can use us to say exactly what needs to be said to bring a sinner around to Christ.

A Compassionate Concern for the souls of men – Matt 9:36, Lk 10:33 – this compassion is like the compassion that the Lord had and not just the natural compassion that we all have for people in need.  This is a supernatural compassion that causes us to be genuinely concerned for souls.

A Confident Faith in Jesus’ saving grace – Rom10:13-15 – we must be convinced that Jesus wants to save sinners and that he will if they believe what we preach.  But he needs us to preach to them and we must be confident that the words he leads us to preach will be enough to bring a sinner to Christ, even if what we preach is delivered in writing in a tract.