Consider The Lord Is God, Deut 4:39

Today we are going to see four things that you should consider.  To consider is to fix the mind on, with a view to a careful examination.  You should:

Consider the Lord is God.  Ps 8:3-9, consider the work of his hands.  He created us and everything in the heavens and the earth.  Elihu said to consider the wondrous works of God, Job 37:14-18.  According to Deut 4:35-40 God is the Lord and there is none else.  He made us; we didn’t make him.

Consider your ways. Hag 1:5.  Is God first or are you first in the decisions you make and the things you do.  You should ask the Lord concerning your ways to be sure you are doing what he wants you to do.  His ways are always better.

Consider your transgressions.  Ezek 18:28.  You should consider them and turn away.  When the Lord shows you that what you are doing is a sin, you should, by his grace, turn from it and quit.

Consider your latter end.  Deut 32:29.  If you are saved, you’re going to face the Lord at the judgment seat of Christ.  You should make every decision in the light of eternity.  If you are lost, you’re going to spend eternity in hell if you don’t get saved.  You should, therefore, get saved today.

Conclusion: when you consider the Lord is God, then you will definitely consider your ways, your transgressions, and your latter end. If you don’t consider the Lord is God, you will after you die. But then it will be too late to consider these other things.