Acts 23:1

What is a conscience? It is that internal voice which instantly (without giving any reasons) approves or condemns our own actions and affections, before, during, and after the action. No doctor can find your conscience, but everyone has one. [1 Cor.4:2]

It is not the voice of God! Many times, it leads people to do things that are not the will of God. The Bible clearly shows us several different types or conditions of a conscience.



  • [Heb.10:22] Terrorist have no problem of conscience, very evil
  • [1 Tim.4:2] These are the latter days, seared
  • [Eph.4:17] Paul is speaking of the lost having their heart darkened, and warning the church


  • [Rom.2:5] A lost person can have a convicted conscience
  • [John 8:1-11] Very good example of conviction


  • [Heb.9:14] The blood of Christ cleans it
  • [John 15:1-3] to purge is to clean
  • [Eph.5:26] The word of God cleans it


  • [1 Tim.3:9] Its required
  • [2Tim.1:3] He had no problem before God
  • At conversion, you start out with a new conscience


  • [1Cor.8:7&10] Its weak, and you can affect others
  • Needs to be strengthened


  • [1Tim.1:5, 19] This should be our goal
  • [1Pet.3:16] Will cause good works
  • Your conscience delivers its message to your will

Void of Offence

  • [Acts24:16] a conscience that makes no mistakes, its dependable.