Conditions of Forgiveness

Conditions of Forgiveness


In the Bible there are conditions of forgiveness. God mentions repentance and confession in the process of forgiveness.

To forgive is simply to pardon, or overlook an offense by another and treat the offender as not guilty.


  1. Repentance                 (turning from sin unto God, 1 Thes.1:9)

A Change in mind, that causes a change in heart, that causes a change in direction

  1. [Acts 5:29-32] Repentance comes before forgiveness
  2. [Acts 2:38] “Repent and be baptized”
  3. [Acts 20:17-21] Paul testified of repentance…
  4. [Luke 17:3] “if he repent, forgive him.”


  1. Confession (to acknowledge that you are wrong and God is right, Neh.9:33)
    1. [1 Jn.1:9] “If we confess…”
    2. [Ps.32:1-5] Acknowledge your sin
    3. It is more than just being sorry that you got caught, it Is being sorry about what you did, [2 Cor.7:9-10]


[1Sam.15:24-25] Saul confesses his sin but there is NO repentance.

  • Admitted and confessed his sin
  • Included an explanation, excuse or justification – no repentance
  • Asked for forgiveness or pardon and restoration


[2 Sam.12] [Ps.51] David confesses his sin and promised to serve God, and he was forgiven

  • [2Sam.12:13] his confession
  • No justification because God had all the details
  • [Ps.51:1-12] confession, plead for mercy, and a desire to change


God forgave David because of his repentance and confession. We ought to consider our desire for forgiveness and make certain that we confess our sin and repent or turn from it.