Conditional Prayer

Conditional Prayer

            God has put conditions on our prayers. There are certain things we should do and there certain things we must not do, if we want God to hear and answer our prayers. When you go to the throne of God and make your request don’t you want God to hear and answer your prayer? The following are some conditions of prayer in the Bible.


Jn.14:14           Ask in the name of Jesus. He is your righteousness, and he said to do so,    Jn.16:23-24.

James 4:2        We have not because we don’t ask.

James 4:3        Don’t ask amiss, for your own lust.

1 Jn.5:14-15    Ask according to his will

1 Jn.3:22          Be in obedience

James 1:6-8     Don’t ask in disbelief, also Mark 11:24

Matt.6:14-15  Don’t have an unforgiving spirit.

Ps.66:18          Clean up the sin and Iniquity in your life, also Isa.59:2.

1 Peter3:5-7    Not honoring your spouse.

Ps. 37:4           Do the things that delight the Lord.

God really loves to answer our prayers. We usually are the hindrance that prevents our Holy Father from answering our prayers. We need to try to use the conditions mentioned above to improve our prayer life.