“Compromise” is not a word that is found in your Bible. According to the dictionary “compromise” means: a settlement of a dispute in which each concedes. To a Christian compromise is unacceptable because you must concede or sacrifice the principles of God. In this passage we see four compromises offered by Pharaoh the ruler of Egypt, a type of Satan the ruler of this world.


Gods command was clear: [Ex.5:3] “Let us go, we pray thee, three days journey into the desert, and sacrifice unto the Lord our God”


[Ex.8:25] Sacrifice in the Land        (Sought to keep Israel in the Land)

              FEEL GOOD – CHRISTIAN

  • Partial fulfillment of God’s will
  • Go to church and back home to serve the devil  (168/hours in a week-1=167 for Satan)
  • Today’s church, feels good No separation from the world


[Ex.8:28] Go not very far     (Sought to keep Israel near the land)


  • Stay as near as possible to the world and sin
  • Keep one foot in each
  • Boy that fell out of bed explained it this way; I stayed too near where I got in.
  • Burn the bridges!  [Rom.13:14] make no provision for the flesh


[Ex.10:8-11] Let only the men go    (Sought to divide Israel)


  • God’s family unit divided or a “house divided” [Matt.12:25]
  • Example of TV, movies and modesty at church but not everywhere else
  • [1 Cor.11:3] Wrong order in the family, divides the house


[Ex.10:24-27] let the people go  but not the cattle    (Sought to send them empty handed without the ability to serve the Lord)


  • [Matt.6:21]  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
  • The world wants your cattle, God owns them all [Ps.50:10]