Comfort of the Scriptures

Comfort of the Scriptures


                The comfort of the scriptures gives us hope. What is your go to verse? Do you have a verse or two that you can go to get some comfort or hope? If you are consistent in feeding on the words of God, then the spirit of God will bring scriptures to your remembrance, [Jn.14:26]. But if you are not putting it in, the Spirit of God has nothing to work with. Everyone should have scriptures or passages in the Bible that give you comfort and hope. Let’s look at a few, and pray that you will seek out God’s words for a go to verse.

Great Go To Verses:

[Phiip.4:13], Strength     [Eph.6:10] the power of His might

[Philp.4:19], Supply         [Ps.37:25] not seen the righteous forsaken…

[Prov.3:5-6], Direction

[2Tim.1:7], Fear

[2Tim.1:12], He is able, [Eph.3:18-21], above what we ask, [Lk6:38] [1Jn.1:9], Forgiveness, Faithfulness, [1Cor.10:13] [Rom.8:28], All things!

[Ps.50:15], Deliverance!

If you are a child of God, and claiming all His great promises, then He should be working on some correction in your life currently, [Heb.12:4-11]. If not, you are either already “perfect”, or not listening to his correction. You may be hearing, but you are not doing, [James 1:22].

Great Correction Verses:

[2Cor.6:14-18, 7:1] separation

[Prov.16:18, 18:12] pride

[Eph.4:32][Col.3:12-14] forgiveness

[Heb.12:5] bitterness

[1Jn.2:15-17] [James 4:4] worldliness

You can’t just live on the “feel good” verses in your Bible; you must take heed to the whole counsel of God, [Acts 20:27], including correction.