Climate Change, Rev 16:8-9

Climate Change Rev.16: 8-9  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There has been much said about climate change and man’s responsibility to control carbon dioxide emissions in order to prevent global warming.  The data used to “prove” global warming has been falsified and the recent science has demonstrated global cooling rather than global warming during the past 10 years.  That’s one of the reasons that global warming is now being called climate change.  Nevertheless, officials want you to believe that men are the ones who control the climate and that governments are the ones who, therefore, must control the men.

Today we are going to study climate change in the Bible so that you can see who really controls the climate.  We are also going to see the connection, if any, between the behavior of men and the affect on the weather.  Notice who controls the:

Temperature – the Lord shows us, following the flood, that the seasons remain as long as the earth remains.  The seasons include cold and heat [Gen 8:22].  And as there are annual cycles in the seasons, so there are also periodic cycles and changes in climate.  For instance, there were seven years of great plenty in Egypt followed by seven years of famine [Gen 41:29-30].  In the future, during the Tribulation, the sun is going to scorch men with fire and with great heat [Rev 16:8-9].  This will not be the result of carbon emissions but the result of a plague sent from the Lord, and men will blaspheme God for this plague.  Then, following the millennial reign of Jesus on the earth, the climate will change again and the temperature will be so hot that the elements will melt with fervent heat [2 Pet 3:10-12] through which the Lord will create new heavens and a new earth.  So, climate change is normal and severe global warming is caused by the Lord not by men.

Rain – the Lord controls the rain, as well [Matt 5:45].  Elijah prayed and the Lord stopped the rain for 3½ years; he prayed and the Lord gave the rain again [Jas 5:17-18].  During the Tribulation, Elijah will stop the rain for another 3½ years [Rev 11:6].  And then at the beginning of the millennial reign of Jesus the Lord will bring the former and latter rains in the first month [Joel 2:23] to restore the earth’s moisture.  After that he will cause it to rain in his season so that crop productions will be abundant [Amos 9:13].  Now think about Noah’s flood [Gen 6:5, 17].  You talk about climate change.  Noah’s flood had nothing to do with emissions and everything to do with the wickedness of men in the earth.

Hail – hail is also under the Lord’s control.  Meteorologists can identify storms with the potential to produce hail.  But the Lord is the only one who can control it [Ex 9:22-26; Rev 16:21].  The Lord used hail to destroy men for their wickedness in Egypt.

Snow – according to Ps 147:16-18 and 148:8, the Lord controls snow just like the other elements of the weather and climate.  Of course, snow is normal in the winter, so it’s not like the Lord has to direct every snow storm [2 Sam 23:20].  His weather patterns are set by the way he made the earth [Ecc 1:5-7].

Wind – the Lord commands wind and rain at times for his purposes [Job 37:9-13].  The Lord uses the whirlwind to punish the wicked [Jer 23:19-20; 30:23; 51:1].  The Lord used the east wind to dry up the Red Sea [Ex 14:21].  The east wind also brought the locusts [Ex 10:13].  These winds destroy wicked men, not men driving cars on fossil fuels.

Conclusion: so when you hear all the reports about climate change, don’t forget for one minute that the Lord is the one with whom you need to be concerned.  He is the one you need to “worry” about.  If God decides to brew up a major storm or catastrophic event, for instance, to punish this country for standing against Israel, as some have alleged he does each time we weaken our stand with Israel, he can do it and there is nothing that men can do to stop him.  Carbon dioxide is not the problem here.  Disobedience against God is the problem!!  My suggestion for you: quit worrying about “science falsely so called” and get right with God through Jesus Christ!!