Christmas Perversions, Is 63:2

When you read the first part of Is 63:2, about a man dressed in red, and the first part of Rev 1:14, about a man with long white hair, are you reading about Santa Claus?  You might think so when you consider how the world has perverted the truth of scriptures to present such a fairy tale as Santa Claus.  We are going to examine some Christmas perversions of Biblical truth.  Here are some of the major Christmas perversions:

The Christmas tree – instead of thinking about a decorated tree with many gifts underneath it, think of 1 Cor 1:18, the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ where the price of our redemption was paid for all eternity.  The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord [Rom 6:23].  This gift is presented to you on a tree, not under a tree.

Santa Claus’s gifts to men – instead of thinking about imaginary gifts from the north pole, think about the gifts given to us by Jesus Christ in Eph 4:8-12 following his ascension.  You pastor is a gift from God to you.  Furthermore, in 1 Cor 12, you find that each of us has spiritual gifts to edify the body of Christ.  They are the gifts by which we grow in Christ.

Santa Claus coming to town – instead of waiting around for Santa to arrive (he won’t), look for Titus 2:13, the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ.  And don’t look for him to arrive with “rooty toot toots and rummy tum tums.”  He is coming with the sound of a trumpet and in flaming fire to take vengeance [Matt 24:31; 2 Thes 1:7-10].  Santa is supposed to know who’s naughty and nice.  You’d better not wait for that, but rather prepare for the judgment seat of Christ [2 Cor 5:10].  Don’t worry about him seeing you when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake.  He can’t see anything, but the Lord can [Prov 15:3].  He sees everything.  He’s the one with whom you must concern yourself.

Santa Claus dressed in red – instead of thinking of an imaginary figure bearing gifts, think of Is 63:1-4, the color of the Lord’s garments after executing his vengeance on his enemies at his second coming [Rev 14:18-20; Rev 19:13-18].  The second coming of Christ is a day of vengeance. You might find his vengeance abhorring to you.  Regardless, he is going to execute his wrath against his enemies.  You would be wise to accept his free gift of salvation and become his child.  You’ll be much happier riding with him on horseback executing his judgment than running in fear from his wrath.  

Santa Claus with long white hair – instead of thinking of the kindly face of an old fairy tale, think of Rev 1:13-15, the Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest ruler ever known to man.  And think of him as the supreme ruler after he sets up his kingdom on earth [Dan 7:9].

Conclusion: as much fun as it is to enjoy time with family and gift exchanges and all that, don’t let the Christmas perversions overshadow the wonderful truths of the words of God.  Keep your mind and heart on the Lord Jesus Christ and trust him as your Saviour, if you haven’t already.