Christian Music Eph. 5:19, Col. 3:16


There are several qualities of Christian music that are addressed in this study.  We will limit ourselves to just a few of the many topics that could be discussed.

Christian Music is Spiritual – Eph 5:19, Col 3:16 – “spiritual songs” – it is spiritual as opposed to “carnal” or sensual – when the evil spirit from God troubled Saul, David played on a harp and the evil spirit left Saul and he was refreshed [1 Sam 16:14-15, 23] – dark sayings are opened on the harp [Ps 49:4] – a minstrel played and the hand of the Lord was on Elisha [2 Ki 3:15] – spiritual music accompanied prophecy [1 Chr 25:1-3, 1 Sam 10:5-6] – in other words, spiritual music in church today will clear out evil spirits and assist the preaching of the words of God – notice in Rev 5:8-9 that the book, harps, prayer, and the glory of God are all connected.

Christian Music is principally Sung – Eph 5:19, Col 3:16, Job 38:7, 2 Chr 5:12-13, Matt 26:30 – these verses show you the “singing” of the songs – that’s how we teach and admonish one another in song – that’s how we lift our voices as one voice – when the right kind of music is played and sung, God “shows up” [see also 2 Chr 20:21-22 and Num 10:9-10].

Christian Music can be easily Counterfeited – Is 14:11, Ezek 28:13-14 – the devil was created with all three major types of musical instruments “in” him [percussion, wind and strings] – so he can easily counterfeit the right kind of music – in Gen 4:21 musical instruments first show up in Cain’s line – in Dan 3:5, Nebuchadnezzar used music as the “call to worship” of his image [soon to be connected with the worship of the antichrist’s image [Rev 13].

Christian Music can be “seen” by comparing Ex 15 with Ex 32 – Ex 15:1-19 are the words of the song that Moses and Israel sang after crossing the Red Sea and after Pharaoh and his chariots were drowned – it is historical and prophetic – it is like a ballad recounting the greatness and goodness of the Lord God – it is very similar in nature to Deut 32, Jud 5, 2 Sam 22, 1 Chr 16, Is 5, etc – hymns in the hymnal are very much like these songs.

But in Ex 32 we see a very obvious contrast, a degeneration in the music – the worship started with a demand to cater to the desires of the people [Ex 32:1] like modern “Christian” music – and it also started with idolatry [Col 3:5 covetousness is idolatry] like modern “Christian” music – the “singing” sounded like “war” to Joshua [Ex 32:17-18] – that’s because the singing gave an “uncertain sound” [1 Cor 14:7-8] like Christian rock where the words can hardly be discerned – furthermore, according to Amos 6:5, the musical instruments are “like” the Bible instruments [in modern “Christian” music the strings are electric guitars, the wind instruments are synthesizers and the percussion instruments are dominate full drum sets] and the chants are “choruses” repeated over and over [chants are words sung by using a small number of musical notes that are repeated many times – a rhythmic monotonous song].

Conclusion: You would never use God’s music for the world [Ps 137:3-4] – the world can’t stand the right kind of Christian music – and you would never use the world’s music for God [2 Cor 6:14-18] – the world loves the modern “Christian” music that sounds just like what they are used to hearing – to bring the world’s music into church in order to bring the world to church is absolutely contrary to the Bible and the music that is in the Bible – the world’s music invites evil spirits and the Lord’s music drives them away!!