Christian Behavior 101

Christian Behavior 101

Psalm 101


In college I took Math 101 and English 101. These were the entry level classes to teach you the basics. Today we are going to look at “Christian Behavior 101”. Whenever you need to take a quick inventory of your Christian Behavior, Ps.101 is a great place to go.


Verse 1, I spend a huge amount of time singing to the Lord for mercy, but not very much singing is devoted to judgment. I enjoy singing for judgment for others, but not for myself. We should seek both from the Lord for our own comfort (Ps23:4) and for him to be pleased with our behavior.

Verse 2, are you behaving yourself wisely in a perfect way? Satan is wise, but not in a perfect way, (Eze.28) Wisdom is not exclusive to good. David behaved himself wisely; (1Sam.18) being perfect in God’s eyes means to be in a position to complete his will.  Do you walk within your house with a perfect heart? Are all your intentions Godly? (Heb.4:12), God knows your intentions, and they affect your behavior.

Verse3, we are to set no wicked thing before our eyes. (TV, Internet, Movies, etc.) We should hate the work of them that turn aside, (Rom.14:13)(Ps.139:19-22). Make sure that it does not cleave to us. The preverbal “frog in the pot of water” has no idea that what he starts out enjoying will eventually kill him.

Verse 4, Loose your forward (not willing to yield) heart, (Jer.17:9, Prov.28:26, Mark 7:21-23). Don’t hang around wicked people, (Prov.22:24, 13:20).

Verse 5, four categories of wicked people to avoid:

  1. Those who privily slandereth his neighbor (Prov.24:28, 25:9)
  2. Those with a high look and a proud heart (Prov.21:4,30:11-14)
  3. He that worketh deceit – verse 7 (2Cor.11:13, Prov.19:27)
  4. He that telleth lies – verse 7 (Prov.26:28)

Verse 6, We should have our eyes upon the faithful of the land, that they dwell with us. He that walketh in a perfect way shall serve me. You need to live, work, and fellowship, with faithful Christians that will lift us up and not bring us down.

Verse 8, Catch all this wickedness early, it is easier to destroy. We are told to judge ourselves, (1 Cor. 11) with self-examination. Behavior problems are always solved easier and quicker when they are small.