Character Studies in Proverbs : Lesson #15 A young person who is void of Understanding

Character Studies in Proverbs : Lesson #15 A young person who is void of Understanding

(Proverbs 7:1-27) 

In this lesson on building our character we are going to look at a specific example that Solomon gives in Proverbs 7 concerning a young person who is void of understanding. Understanding is a very important characteristic that many young and even adults today are missing. We should all take heed to the words of this Proverb.

Before we look at the passage specifically we must note that the sin the young man commits is either fornication or adultery. We see from the passage that the woman obviously commits adultery because she says that the goodman of the house is not at home he is on a long journey (verse 19). It does not say whether the young man is married or not but either way it is still sin in the eyes of God.

You can apply these principles found in this proverb to many different sins. So do not think if you have not committed fornication or adultery that this proverb does not apply to you.

Verse 7And beheld among the simple ones I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding,

Note the first thing said about this young man is that he is a simple one. When look up in a Webster’s 1828 dictionary you will see that one of the definitions is someone who is weak in intellect or not wise. This does not mean stupid it just means they are weak in a area relating to discerning right and wrong.

In Proverbs 9:13 we see an example of a simple woman and it is one who is foolish, clamorous, and knoweth nothing. In Proverbs 27:12 we see an example of a simple man and it is one that when he sees evil instead of departing from it he goes right on gets punished.  In Psalm 119:130 we see one of the great reasons that the word of God is given and it is to give light and understanding to the simple. Therefore immediately in the context of a simple person we see that a remedy is going to be found in the words of God.

What are some of the steps that led the young man astray? 

1)  He went the way to her house (verse 8)

  • The word of God in 2 Timothy 2:22 we see that we are to flee youthful lust. This man instead of fleeing went the way that led him into temptation.
  • We do the same thing today with sins of any nature. We know the areas in our lives where we have temptation and instead of avoiding them we set ourselves in their paths, and then do not understand why we fall. This is being void of understanding.

2)  He went at night (verse 9)

  • Most crime and mischief is done in the dark or at night. It starts out in the evening and gets worse as the night goes on. Note the progression in the verse twilight, evening, then black and dark night. Look at John 3:19-21 to see what God says about this.

3)  The woman met him in the attire of a harlot (verse 10)

  • If we put ourselves in the place of temptation we will for sure be met by it.
  • It is important to note that the woman was wearing the attire of a harlot. If you are a young lady you should realize that your clothes say a lot about what kind of person you are. Why would you want to look like a harlot if you are not one? This obviously had an effect on the young man note that what he saw affected his heart (verse 25).

4)  His lack of understanding causes him to believe her lies (verses 13-22)

  • He has no idea of the consequences of his actions with this lady because he is void of understanding.
  • This is like many today. We look at people and say why did they do that stupid sin did they not know that it would lead them to destruction. But the truth is people today especially kids are at an all time high of knowing very little about Gods word. Therefore they do not have understanding in regards to issues of life and the end result is the disasters we witness everyday in the schools, homes, and churches.

What is the end result of this young man action?

In verse 23 we see that the word of God says that a dart strikes through his liver. This is speaking of destruction of the flesh. We have many who either die or suffer from the results of sexual diseases today simply because of a lack of understanding. Many homes and lives are destroyed for the same reasons.

Also in verse 23 he is compared to a bird that goes to the snare and does not realize that it is for his life.

At the end of the proverb the word of God says the house of this woman is the way to hell going down to the chambers of death. Therefore the results of this young man’s actions can said to be physical destruction, death and possible even hell.

How to avoid being a simple person void of understanding?

The way to avoid these things is simple and they are found in the very first part of the chapter. In verses 1-5 we see several steps in avoiding these things.

1)  Keep the words of God (verse 1)

  • To keep the words of God you must first read and learn them.

2)  Lay up the words of God with you (verse 1)

  • After we have read and learn them we must memorize them.

3)  Keep the commandments of God (verse 2)

  • Then we must do exactly what they say

4)  Keep God’s law as the apple of our eye (verse 2)

  • Then the word of God can become one of our favorite things in our lives.

5)  Bind the word of God on our fingers (verse 3)

  • Our hands should perform the words of God.

6)  Write them upon the tables of thine heart (verse 3)

  • It  should be our hearts desire to do the words of God

7)  Have wisdom as thy sister (verse 4)

8)  Have understanding as thy kinswoman (verse 4)

The last two things that we see in the list is that you need wisdom and understanding. Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is being able to use what you know. Understanding is relating knowledge and wisdom to God.

Albert Einstein is a man that was considered very wise by the world. But he is quoted as saying that he did not believe in a God that could not be proved by a mathematical formula. He had wisdom but he lacked understanding.

Young people today are bombarded with knowledge but very few people are showing them how to use it. But what they really need is understanding. Young people today are being deceived by the thousands by Satan and his crowd. We need to help them have understanding and see that there is great consequences in not following God’s word.


Character Studies in Proverbs : Lesson #16 A young person who is void of Understanding

(Proverbs 7:1-27) Handout 

1)  Define what the word simple means and gives some scriptures to go with it.


2)  What are the steps in verses 6-23 that led the young man astray?


3)  What is the result of the simple one following the way of the wicked?


4)  How can you avoid being a simple one who is void of understanding?