Character Studies in Proverbs : Lesson #10 The heart is the key.

Character Studies in Proverbs : Lesson #10 The Heart is the Key

(Proverbs 4:20-27)

In this lesson on character we are going to see that the heart is the real key to success in whatever it is that you do. As verse 23 says the heart is where the issues of life come from and having our heart right is the key to everything.

In the first three verses of this passage in Proverbs we see the word of God dealing with itself. Note that the child of God is to attend unto the words of God. This is a key word because when you attend something that means you are there, but it also means that you do what is necessary in regards to those words. For example you can attend something event in the flesh and have your mind a million miles away. Many of us attend church service in the flesh but after we leave we can’t remember what went on or what was said.

Too many times we are like this with the word of God. We set down and read it but we are not really thinking about or concentrating on what we are reading. We get through reading the word of God and we cannot even remember what we have read. If we cannot remember what we have read how could we ever do what the word of God says.

In verse 21 we see that we are to keep them before our eyes and before and in our hearts. There is only one way to do this and it is to attend unto God’s word. This can be done by four simple steps,

1)  See the Word

  • This is just doing what the passage says, keeping the words of God before our eyes. This can be done by reading the bible, putting it on our walls and other areas of our home, and having it with us wherever we go.

2)  Read the Word

  • First we must have it before our eyes then we must actually read the word of God. It is one thing to put it up on the wall but it is another thing all together to read it.

3)  Memorize the Word

  • After reading it we need to get it in our hearts. This is done by actually memorizing the word of God. We need to get the word of God in our hearts to keep us clean and free from sin (Psalms 119:9-11)

4)  Meditate on the Word

  • After the word is in our hearts then we can meditate on it. This means to think about what it says and how it applies to you and your life or current situation. This is where we really start to learn the word of God.

In verse 21 we see the benefits for having the word of God before our eyes and in our hearts. It brings life and health to those who find it. One of the best things you can do for yourself both spiritually and physically is to do what the word of God says.

In verses 24-27 we see what we can do when we have the words of God in our hearts and before our eyes.

1)  We can keep our mouth pure and clean (verse 24).

  • In Proverbs 16:23 the word of God says that heart of the wise teacheth the mouth.
  • In Matthew 12:34 we see that it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaketh. Whatever is in the heart will eventually come out of the mouth.
  • Being able to control our lips and our tongues is a goal that every Christian should strive for.

2)  We can keep our eyes where they are supposed to be (verse 25).

  • The verse is talking about keeping our eyes straight before us that is not looking at things that would side-track us or cause us to turn off the correct course.
  • In Job 31:1 Job said he made a covenant with his eyes why should he think on a maid.
  • This shows us two important things in regards to our eyes. One what we look at we are going to think about. We must keep our eyes on the right thing or we will have the wrong thing in our heart. Both of these will lead us to sin. Example David with Bathsheba.

3)  We can stay on the right path (verse 26-27).

  • Without the word of God we are sure to get of course. Many lives have been wrecked simply because they have not attended unto the words of God.

If you will notice we skipped over verse 23 in this study so far. This was done on purpose because the way you get from having the words of God in your heart to having the right mouth, your eyes on the right things, and your feet on the right path is a matter of the heart.

The heart is the key to everything. If your heart desires something you will do everything in your power to accomplish what your heart desires. It is all about having the right heart. If you have a heart to do right then you will do right and if you have a heart to do wrong then you will do wrong. The issues of life are from the heart.

What does the word of God say about the heart?

1)  Proverbs 23:7 (As a man thinketh in his heart so he is)

2)  Mark 7:21-23 (The things that defile a man come from his heart)

3)  Hebrews 4:12 (The word of God is a discerner of the heart)

4)  Proverbs 23:26 (God wants your heart)

The question for each one of us becomes where is our heart or better yet who has our heart?


Character Studies in Proverbs : Lesson #10 The Heart is the Key (Proverbs 4:20-27)


1)  List the 4 Steps that we must use to get the words of God in our hearts and before our eyes.


2)  What is the result of having the words of God in our heart and before our eyes?


3)  What happens when the words of God are applied to our lives? Give references.


4)  What is the key from getting to the words of God being before our eyes and in our hearts to applying them in our lives? Give the reference.


5)  Why is the heart so important? Give references.