A Call to the Ministry, Is 6:1-8

In Is 6:1-8 we see an example of a call to the ministry.  

First, Isaiah saw the Lord and then he saw himself.  He knew that he was unworthy and unclean.  When men really get to know the Lord, usually in a deep valley or trial, they see him as he really is and themselves as they really are.  As a result, they are humbled and they change.  In Isaiah’s case he became willing to do anything the Lord needed him to do.

A Call to the Ministry Requires:


“Here” – Isaiah was able to answer the call of the Lord because he was available to the Lord.  You must be available to do what the Lord wants you to do now.  Too often people who want to serve the Lord are only available to do what they want to do at a time when they can do it.   

In the Missions Conference this year, the men said that, early in their Christian lives, they surrendered to the Lord and began to serve anywhere they were needed.  They were always available no matter how big or small the job.


“Am” – he didn’t say, “Here I was” or “Here I will be.”  He said, “Here am I.”  To answer a call to the ministry requires being dependable to do what the Lord needs you to do, in the present, not in the future.  

You can count on dependable people to do the job they are given and to finish it on time and in the manner you desire.  They are very different than most of the people in our society of undependable people.  Employers complain of not being able to find employees who will work.  A banker friend told me about more than one teller who left for lunch and never returned to work.  They didn’t even bother to call to say they quit.


“I/me” – once the Lord called Isaiah, fulfilling the call was his responsibility.  There are no alibis or excuses for not doing what the Lord calls you to do.  He gives you the job and you must do it until you finish it.  

Jesus Christ came to this earth to do his Father’s will.  His work was never about bringing glory to himself.  His doctrine was his Father’s doctrine.  And his works were his Father’s work.  He was faithful.  When, finally, he hung on the cross, he said, “It is finished.”  He didn’t quit until then.


“Send” – in order to fulfill the Lord’s call to the ministry, you have to let some things go that demand your time.  Peter and Andrew left their nets.  John and James left their father and the boats.  Paul and Barnabas left home and went on missionary journeys.  You may, like a missionary, even have to leave your home and country.  This can be very hard when there are grandkids involved.  Nevertheless, many before you have done it.  And you may be sent, as well.

Answer God’s Call to the Ministry

These are four of the most important qualities in servants of the Lord.  You must be available, dependable, responsible, and severable, if you are going to answer God’s call to the ministry.