What To Do With Your Bible Is. 34:16

What To Do With Your Bible Is. 34:16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This is a practical lesson that deals with one of the most basic aspects of our Christian lives, our Bibles.  This lesson is akin to a soldier going through basic training and learning about what to do with his weapon.  This is like an athlete going to practice and learning the fundamentals of blocking and tackling.  This is very basic stuff but it is often overlooked.  And if you overlook this basic stuff, you are not going to be concerned about doing more advanced things like witnessing.  What to do with your Bible:

Read what it says – Is 34:16 – by reading it you simply familiarize yourself with what it says [Matt 12:3, 5; 19:4; 22:31] – you learn the history and you get used to the language – you get to know the characters and how they related to God and how God related to them – and don’t just run to your favorite parts – read it all.

Believe what it says – Jn 5:47 – the trouble with men who get messed up with the Bible is that they don’t believe it – they believe what they want to believe about it – humble yourself and just believe what you are reading.

Think about what it says – Ps 119:148 – mull over the words that you have been reading and think about how they apply to other parts of the Bible that you have read and how they relate to things going on in the world and in your life and how they relate to things you have been taught and things you believe – Jesus got after the Sadducees because they didn’t know the scriptures and how they related to a fundamental doctrine they believed [Matt 22:29].

Search what it says – Jn 5:39; Acts 17:11 – look things up that you are curious about and see what God has to say – use a concordance – determine from the scriptures what God says rather than what men teach – too many people read books about the Bible more than they read the Bible – reading and searching at the same time helps you stay balanced in your beliefs.

Follow what it says – Jas 1:22 – you need to live by what these words say – do what you read [Matt 4:4] – if you don’t follow the words, you are not going to get much out of the Bible and you will get messed up in it.