Belief In Creation, Gen 1:1

The Bible starts right out with these words, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  God doesn’t offer to prove it, God doesn’t offer an explanation of how he did it, he just says it and expects you to believe him and keep reading.  I believe that God created the heaven and the earth.  But there are many who don’t believe in creation.  They have other ideas about how we got here.  However, consider this.  If creation is true then:

God is the creator – Gen 1:1 – God really did make all that you see and even the things that you can’t see [Col 1:16]. Is 42:5 there would be nothing here if he hadn’t put it here. Jn 1:3 there is not anything made that he didn’t make.  He made all of it.  Is 65:17 and when he’s through with this heaven and earth, he’ll make a new one.  2 Pet 3:10-13 he simply dissolves this one with enough heat to melt the elements and then he makes “new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.”  These current ones have been defiled by sin.

God is the governor – Gen 1:26 – God made it so he gets to run it.  Ps 148:5 he “commanded” and they were created.  So, when he made man, God gave man the dominion.  It was God’s prerogative to give the rule to whomever he chose.  All authority stems from God.  Things run the way he says they are supposed to run.  Jer 31:35-36 the sun, moon and stars obey his command.  God can stop them [Jos 10:12-14], he can back them up [2 Ki 20:9-11], or he can totally black them out [Rev 6:12-14].  He tells the sea how far it can go and that’s it [Prov 8:29].

God is the designer – Gen 1:27 – he made them male and female [Gen 5:1-2].  Some people today seem to be confused about gender.  There’s no confusion with God.  He made them male and he made them female.  It’s that simple.  Ps 19:1-5 The heavens declare his glory and shew his handiwork.  The invisible things of God are clearly seen by the things that are made [Rom 1:20].  You can’t see God but he reveals himself through the things that he made.

God is the provider – 1 Tim 4:3 – God made things for us to eat.  Ps 104:27-31 all creatures, that must eat to live, look to him for provision.  He even provided himself a lamb [Gen 22:8, Jn 1:29] because we need to be redeemed.  Jn 3:16 God gave us his only begotten Son.  He gives the rain Matt 5:45, he feeds the birds, and he clothes the lilies and grass of the field Matt 6:26-30.  Phil 4:19 and after you are saved he provides all your need.

God is the judge – Gen 6:7 – when God saw the wickedness of men, he flooded the earth and destroyed every living thing.  He’s the judge; he’s the creator; he’s the governor; so he can do that.  Ecc 12:1, 11:9, 12:14 God is going to judge you and everything you have done.  Acts 17:31; Rom 2:16 Jesus Christ is going to judge the secrets of men.  You and I are accountable to him.

Conclusion: Rev 4:11 God created everything for his pleasure.  Therefore, he is worthy.  Those who don’t like God took his glory [Rom 1:21-23] and now they want to run what he created, they want to change the design of his creation, they want to take over the provision from God, and they want to be the judge.  They’ll answer to God for this.  Instead of going along with their attempts to overthrow God, trust Jesus Christ who made it, who redeemed it and who will judge you righteous and provide for you if you will believe him.