Appointments that cannot be Broken

Appointments that Cannot be Broken

(Job 14:1-22)

Everyone understands appointments and having things on your calendar. Sometimes to our disappointment and sometimes to our delight those appointments are changed or canceled. But there are some things that man is appointed to that cannot be changed, altered, or canceled. In this sermon we will look at three of these appointments.

Three appointments that man will make:

1)  Birth (Job 14:1)

  • I believe that our birth is appointed of God (Job 7:1 ; Eccl 3:2).
  • This appointment is totally out of our hands, but as we look through the scriptures at the way God intervened in the birth of people such as Isaac, Samuel, The woman of Shunem’s son etc. It is clear that God has something to do with our birth.

2)  Death (Job 14:5, 14)

  • While it is true that we can die before our time by living wickedly or recklessly (Eccl 7:17), under normal circumstances there is no control in this appointment (Eccl 8:8).
  • This is what makes this life so cruel (Job 14:18-22).
  • This then brings us to the two great question asked in this chapter, “But man dieth and wasteth away: yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where is he? (Job 14:10). “If a man die shall he live again” (Job 14:14).

3)  Judgment (Job 14:13)

  • Here we see the last appointment that you will make and that is the Judgment (Hebrews 9:27).
  • God will one day remember all that have ever lived (John 5:28-29).
  • One day all will be judged in righteousness by Jesus Christ (Acts 17:21).

So the question is will you be saved now and have the righteousness of God applied to you or will you wait till it is too late and be judged by this righteousness instead.