An Important Memorial

An Important Memorial

Exodus 17:8-16

In this passage we see the first battle that Israel faced as a nation after leaving Egypt. In this battle Joshua is chosen to lead Israel while Moses, Aaron and Hur go up to the top of the hill. During the battle when Moses holds up the rod Israel begins to win the battle, but when lets his hands down the Amalek begins to win the battle. The solution for this is that Aaron and Hur hold up the hands of Moses until sun goes down giving Israel a great victory.

After the victory, God tells Moses to write a memorial in a book and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua. This brings us to the main topic of our lesson today, memorials.

What is the purpose of a memorial?

When we think of a memorial our first thoughts usually go to that of remembrance. It is true that we should remember great events and important dates in history, but there is sometimes an overlooked part of memorials. Memorials are also there to remind us. There is a big difference in remembering something and being reminded. For instance, you may remember being told to turn of the water, but if someone had reminded you there may not have been the damage associated with forgetting to turn off the water.

There is a great saying, those who do not learn from history or destined to repeat it”. Memorials are not just for the sake of remembering something but to be reminded of the cause and effects of the event being memorialized. Let us be reminded as well as learn from them.

What was it that Joshua was to remember?

1)  That it was the Lord that won the battle.

  • Joshua would eventually become the leader of Israel and take them into the promised land. There he would fight many battles. He must not rely on his strength, talent, leadership abilities etc. He must rely on God.

2)  The victory was a team effort.

  • Without Moses, Aaron, and Hur being on top of the hill raising the rod, Israel would have lost.
  • Joshua must remember that even though he was leading the battle there are sometimes people who are not doing the fighting that are more important than those on the front lines.

3)  There is always a bigger picture.

  • For Joshua his biggest memoires from that day would most likely have been the fighting and the battle. That is why the events were recorded and rehearsed in his ears. To remind him about all the other things regarding the battle. This shows him the bigger picture.
  • In our lives we tend to only remember things from our prospective, but we need to see with God there is a bigger picture. Sometimes things just have nothing to do with us and we need to be reminded of this from time to time.

What is the greatest Memorial?

For saved people the word of God should be our greatest memorial. It is our book of memorial for what God and his son Jesus Christ has done for us. It is our memorial for knowing that are saved had have the promise of eternal security. It is our memorial for the promise of Jesus returning to this earth one day to take us home. But the question is do you have it rehearsed in your ears on a regular basis so that you are reminded of then instruction and wisdom that is therefore you. We should not just remember the bible, but we should be reminded daily by it.

An Important Memorial (Handout)

Exodus 17:8-16

1)  What is going on the passage for this lesson?

2)  What is the purpose of a memorial?

3)  What is Joshua to remember?

4)  What is the greatest memorial?