Amnon’s Folly

Amon’s Folly II Samuel 13: 1-7  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Text: 2 Sam 13:1-28 – Folly is foolishness – and Amnon was definitely foolish – we can learn from his folly not to make the same mistakes he did – if you don’t learn from them then you are bound to repeat them.  Notice:

His Foolish Love – v.1-2 – he fell in love with the wrong girl (Lev 18:9) – the Bible said that it was wrong and he didn’t heed what the Bible said – likewise the Bible (2 Cor 6:14) says that a lost girl is the wrong girl for you – he fell in love with her beauty, but beauty is vain (Prov 31:30) – he was so taken with her that he made himself sick – he wanted her body and that’s all he would think about – he fell in love with his imagination but he was quickly disappointed (v.14-15, his love turned to hatred) – love wasn’t like he thought it would be and love isn’t going to be what you’ve been dreaming it is

His Foolish Friend – v.3 – he made a friend out of the wrong guy – his friend taught him to get what he wanted rather than to talk him out of it – for a while he probably thought that Jonadab was the best friend ever (v.5) – but look what this backstabber knew in v.32 and he didn’t warn his friend to save his life – friends like Jonadab will destroy you and not lose a night’s sleep when you are gone (Prov 13:20) – a true friend loveth at all times (Prov 17:17) and will wound you rather than let you hurt yourself with your foolishness (Prov 27:6) – Paul Jhant said that one summer with a fool like Jonadab can ruin a teenager for life

His Foolish Mouth – v.6 – he was a lying schemer, an unfaithful witness, a deceiver and his word was of no value  – Prov 18:7 – young people, if you lie to your parents to get what you want you are the loser – Prov 30:17 – BUT Mom and Dad, some of the  trouble that your kids are allowed to get into is your fault – don’t be a fool and believe every word your precious little “can-do-no-wrong” darling child says or you’ll end up being complicit in his evil deeds

His Foolish Convictions – v.9 – truly he had no convictions when it came to protecting himself from himself in trying situations – don’t ever put yourself in a situation where you can carry out the idiotic plans you have running through your wicked mind – make sure you are always in the company of other secure people – and girls, don’t ever be so stupid – when the company leaves you leave with them – there are not enough bottles to hold all your tears (v.19) – establish some unchangeable convictions before you get into trouble and stick to them

His Foolish Actions – v.12-14 – he forced her – if you allow your lusts to entice you and draw you away, you’ll  be shocked at the things you’ll allow yourself to do – and there will be no one to blame but yourself – imagine, he raped his own sister!

His Foolish Pride – v.15-17 – he just threw her out after he had experimented with his love and had gotten what he wanted – don’t think you can just use and abuse people as you will and that you can sin with impunity without consequence – people get hurt when you sin against them – and the scars can last a lifetime

His Foolish Mockery – v.27-28 – when he took advantage of Tamar he mocked sin (Prov 14:9) and he mocked God (Gal 6:7-8) – and you can’t do either one of these and get away with it – you reap what you sow and you always reap in greater quantity than you sowed – it was two years later that Absalom set up Amnon’s assassination – Amnon was a fool thinking he could get away with his scheme and not suffer an evil consequence


You are a bigger fool than Amnon if you think you can hear this message and ignore it and go right on with your folly and somehow escape the consequences that Amnon got – you can’t!