An Adulterous Woman, Lev 20:10

An Adulterous Woman Lev 20:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Often when the subject of adultery is preached, the pastor gets on the men about committing this sin.  But today we are going to have fair balance.  This lesson is about the adulterous woman, exclusively.  There have been incidences of adultery in many churches and we often think of accusing the man.  However, make no mistake about it.  There are many times when the woman started it.

First, we are going to look at the difference between how God looks at this sin and how the adulterous woman looks at this sin.  Then we are going to look at some scripture to help you understand how she communicates to her prey that she wants to commit adultery with him.  This may cause you to wise up about this sin and keep you out of trouble in the future.

How God views this sin

Adultery is a great sin – Gen 20:9 – it is a sin against God, Gen 20:6.

Adultery was a capital crime – Lev 20:10 – adultery required the death penalty for the woman as well as the man.

How the adulterous woman views this sin

She sees nothing wrong with what she is doing – Prov 30:20 – an adulterous woman says, “I have done no wickedness”.  She surely has a different opinion of this sin than God does.

She has a worldly attitude toward adultery – Jas 4:4 – this is the same ideology that we find promoted in Hollywood and excused in public office and in corporate business.  They’ll lie and fuss about it for a while but the perpetrators just maintain their high profile.

How the adulterous woman gets men to commit this sin

She makes herself available to her prey – Gen 38:14-15 – Judah “thought her to be an harlot”.  She puts herself out there.

She allures her prey with her make up, hair and dress – 2 Ki 9:30; Prov 7:10 – her dress is called “the attire of an harlot”.  That’s why Paul wrote Timothy about modesty 1 Tim 2:9.  Your dress, hair and make up are giving men some ideas.  That’s why Jesus implicated the woman in Matt 5:28.  She invites men to look at and lust for her by dressing the way she does.  Nevertheless, she might complain about what men are looking at when they look at her.

She flatters her prey – Prov 2:16, 6:24 – don’t be an idiot and believe that nonsense about yourself.  She is lusting, not loving.  A woman who loves you will never flatter you.

She openly seeks her prey – Gen 39:7 – she uses advances, texts, emails, office visits, phone calls, etc.  She will use any means and any method to get your attention.  Truly there are some women who will pester you to death to commit adultery and like Prov 30:30 they see absolutely nothing wrong with what they are doing Gen 39:8-12.  And you better run for the hills.  Paul said, “Flee youthful lusts”.  In Prov 7:8 [9-15] the fellow that committed adultery with that harlot went the way to her house.  He went too close.

Conclusion: My prayer and aim is to exhort men to keep from falling prey to an adulterous woman and to convince you, if you are an adulterous woman, to stop what you are doing NOW.  And remember Mk 8:38.  If you are ashamed of his words and reject his warnings against you then he will be ashamed of you when he returns.  You might as well face it, everyone else with any sense is ashamed of you already.  They have some horrible names to describe you that I am too ashamed to even mention in public.  Turn from your wicked ways and repent.