Add to “Temperance Patience”

Add to “Temperance Patience”

2 Peter 1:6

                Patience is a choice. This is another choice that Peter tells us to add. Add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience. Patience is the suffering of afflictions, pain, toil, calamity, provocation, or other evil, with a calm, unruffled temper; endurance without murmuring or fretfulness. Patience comes from a Christian submission to the divine will.

[Phil.4:10-13] Paul learned to be patient, in any state.

[1 Tim.6:6-8] Paul counted it as “great gain” although he suffered constantly.

[2 Cor.11:20-33] How would you like this list of sufferings?

[Rom.5:3] Tribulation worketh patience. [Rom.12:12] we are to be “patient in tribulation” The world, the flesh, and the devil will provide you with ample opportunities to be patient. The Lord wants you to work on your patience  [James 5:7-11] [Acts 14:22] Tribulation comes with the Kingdom of God; we are therefore exhorted to “continue in the faith”. Your faith will be tried through Temptation.

[James 1:2-4] Temptation or the trying of your faith worketh patience also. Suffering is not the only area that a Christian needs patience. Temptation is ALWAYS within your reach. There are two reasons for resisting temptation: First, a real fear of God and the fear of the real consequences of your choice. Secondly, a real hope in the consequences of obedience. Patience allows you to endure because you have hope connected to your faith.

[Rom.15:4] “… we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope”

  • [Rom.5:1-2] “hope of the glory of God” Patience to have faith in justification, peace, and the access to his grace.
  • [Gal.5:5] “hope of righteousness” Jesus Christ’s righteousness is accounted to me for my salvation, Patience is needed to  hope to be righteous someday. For now I have help through the Spirit of God to stay as righteous as this old flesh can be.[Gal.2:20] [Rom.7:18-19]
  • [Col.1:23] “hope of the gospel” Patience is needed to keep faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.
[Heb.12:1] Run your race with patience.

[Heb.10:36] You must have patience while you continue in God’s will, so that you will receive the promises.