Add to “Patience Godliness”

Add to “Patience Godliness”

2 Peter 1:6

                What is godliness? How can one be godly? Peter tells us to add godliness in this passage. Godliness is being like God. It is more than observing a list of do’s and don’ts (although obedience is required). It is thinking His thoughts and responding as He would respond. When you are saved you become a new creature [2Cor.5:17]. You now have the mind of Christ [1Cor.2:16]. You should think and respond to things differently than you did before. [Romans 8:29] God’s purpose is to conform you to the image of his Son which is godly.

[1Tim.6:3] Paul told timothy to consent to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness. We live in a world that truly has its own doctrine. If you think or respond to things according to the world’s doctrine, then you are adding “worldliness”, not godliness. [Titus1:1] Paul says “acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness. Believing and submitting to the authority of the words of God (the Truth) is foundational to having godliness.

[2Tim.3:1-5] There are people that are worldly yet have a “form of godliness”. Once again, how you think and respond to things when no one is looking tells your true character. If you have a real godliness, you should bear fruit [Gal.5:22-23] from the inside out. Many a Christian wears his fruit instead. People who do works to be seen of men [Matt.6:5, 23:5] are wearing fruit and not bearing fruit. They have a form of godliness, but it is not real.

[1Tim.6:3-6] These same people believe that “gain is godliness”. Be real careful not to fall in to a belief that God’s blessings upon your life are a proof of your godliness. They are really proof of His mercy and grace. Actually the opposite is more true [2Tim.3:12] All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. I never have found the verse that says the godly shall be constantly blessed.

[1Tim.4:7-8] Paul told Timothy to “exercise thyself rather unto godliness”. He then compares this exercise to physical exercise and concludes that exercise in godliness is more profitable. We all understand the value of physical exercise to keep our bodies strong and useable until we die. Exercise in godliness is the exercise to keep your spiritual body strong and usable, not only “having promise of the life that is now, and of that which is to come”.

[2Pet.2:9] God knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations. If you work on adding godliness to your life, temptation will be less of an issue in your life. Read your Bible, pray to your father in heaven, submit to His authority, exercise yourself unto godliness and God will deliver you out of the temptations that confront you.

[Isa.55:6-11]  God has sent his word (living word – Jesus Christ, written word – The Bible), he wants you to be conformed to his Son’s image (godly). Seek him and your thoughts and responses will be like his, and you will be adding godliness to your life.