Add “…Brotherly Kindness”

Add to “Godliness Brotherly Kindness”

2 Peter 1:7

                What does Peter mean when he says “Brotherly Kindness”? We know that the “Brotherly” part in this context means, your brothers and sisters in Christ. He is talking about saved, born again, children of God. But, what is “kindness”? Kindness is not love. You can be kind to a person that you personally dislike. You can be kind to a perfect stranger.

Kindness is defined as: Good will; benevolence; that temper or disposition which delights in contributing to the happiness of others, which is exercised cheerfully in gratifying their wishes, supplying their wants or alleviating their distresses. It is an Act of good will; beneficence; any act of benevolence which promotes the happiness or welfare of others. Charities, hospitality, attentions to the wants of others are deemed acts of kindness, or kindnesses.

[Gal.6:9-10] God wants us to do good, especially to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

[Rom.12:10] We are to prefer one another.

[Rom.15:5-7] God wants us to likeminded, unified, and willing to receive one another as Christ received us. Christ received you just like you are.

You have heard of the push for “random acts of kindness”, do it on purpose and direct it at your brethren.  Don’t you appreciate it when someone shows you some sort of Kindness? Start by doing your part.

So how can we show kindness to our brothers and sisters in Christ?

[Eph4:32] Forgive them

[Gal.6:2] Bear their burdens, until they are able to bear their own, and remember that you must be strong enough on your own, before you’re able to help anyone else.

[Gal.5:13, 15] Serve them

[Heb.10:24-25] Encourage them

[Phil.2:1-3] Esteem them better than yourself; place a higher value on them than you.

[Rom.15:14] Admonish (to warn, counsel against, to instruct or direct against wrong practices) one another [2 Thes.314-15] as a brother, not as an enemy. [Ps.141:5] it is a kindness. NOTE: Be ready to receive admonishment from them and others.

[Josh.2:12] Protect them from harm

[3 Jn.5] Be faithful to them

[Col.3:13] Forbearing them. Sometimes you just got to let it go.