A Study in the Book of Romans : Lesson #8 Our Two Natures

A Study in the Book of Romans

Lesson #8 : Our Two Natures (Romans 7:1-25)

In this lesson we are going to study the subject of our two natures. After we are saved we have two natures, the old man which is connected with our flesh and the new man which is connected to Jesus who dwells inside us. This is shown to us in Romans chapter 7.

To show that we are not under the law after Salvation, Paul uses the illustration of a woman that has a husband who has died. When a woman’s husband dies she is free from the law of her husband and can be married to another. Jesus Christ has made us free from the law and we can be married to him.

Note that in verse 4 we see that we are made dead to the law by the body of Jesus Christ. When a person is saved in the church age they are baptized into the body of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.  It is important to note that the Law is still there but we are dead to it. The Law is still holy, just and good (verse 12). The purpose of the law was to show us that we were sinners needing a savior (verse 7).

The Two Natures (verse 15-25)

When we read these verses they may seem a bit confusing but when you look at each one carefully it shows us the strife of the two natures. What Paul is saying is that because of his flesh he still sins. He does not want to sin but he still does sometimes. The new man wants to not sin and only serve God but he finds that very hard to do.

After being saved you begin to understand this process. This is shown to us in Galatians 5:16-26. So the question becomes who will win, the old man or the new man? The answer is the one you feed the most. Note that Paul says he serves God with the mind (verse 25). From this we see that if we want to serve God then we must be very careful what we think about. The things we watch, hear, and allow to enter into our minds have a great affect on us. They should be right things and pure things if we want to serve God. If they are the opposite then will we probably serve the flesh and the law of sin.

It is a constant battle but the good news is that Jesus Christ will deliver us from the wretched old man at the Rapture of the Church and we will get a glorified body that cannot sin (Philippians 3:20-21).


A Study in the Book of Romans

Lesson # 8: Our Two Natures (Romans 7:1-25)


1)  What is the example given in the first part of the chapter two show that we are not bound unto the law anymore?

2)  What makes us dead to the Law?

3)  What was the purpose of the law?

4)  What do we see from verses 15-25?

5)  What delivers us from the struggle of the two natures?