A Sower Mark 4:3


This is a discussion of the parable of the sower.  It deals with one simple thought in the parable.  Keep sowing the seed.

What is he?  Mk 4:3 – He is a sower.  That’s what he is.  He’s not an apologist, or a counselor, or a proselytizer, or any such thing.  He is not trying to make the world a better place, or people better people.  He is trying to sow seed.  He is a sower.  Furthermore, he’s not a farmer, who prepares his field, plows, plants, cultivates, irrigates, and so forth.  He is simply a sower.  A sower is one who broadcasts seed.  Therefore, his job is not to improve the quality of the soil.  Notice that this seed is sown in all kinds of ground.  His only concern is getting seed out.

What does he do?  Mk 4:3 – He goes out to sow.  He doesn’t stay inside; he goes outside.  And he goes out with the express purpose of sowing.  Because he goes out to sow, you can be sure that he has seed with him to sow when he goes out.  Logically, he recognizes that the more he sows, the more he can expect to reap [2 Cor 9:6].  Thus, he goes out with plenty of seed to sow.  And he sows wherever he can.

What does he sow? Mk 4:14 – He sows the word of God; nothing else.  He may sow it in tracts or John/Romans or in New Testaments.  He may speak it.  He may preach it.

What does he know? Mk 4:15-20 – He knows that he has an adversary.  How many times have we seen interruptions right in the middle of sowing that have distracted the hearers from the words and taken the seed out of their hearts.  Sometimes, the sower sows where the word can’t take root. It looks good at the beginning and fizzles out quickly.  Sometimes, he sows and thorns choke the word before it becomes fruitful, thus making it unfruitful.  And some of the seed produces fruit.  This is just a small percentage of all that he sows.

Conclusion: Do you know what the sower does when he realizes that so little of what he sows becomes fruitful?  He just keeps sowing, because he knows that some of his seed is going to be fruitful, though he may never see the fruit produced by his sowing.

Everyone here can be a sower.  Take seed with you and sow wherever you go.  Keep sowing despite the condition of the soil!!