Search Out A Matter Prov. 25: 2-3

Search Out A Matter Prov. 25:2-3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The honour of kings is to search out a matter.  We will be kings and priests unto God during the millennial reign of Jesus – Rev 1:5-6.  Therefore we have the responsibility to search out matters – but we have to be careful not to search the heavens or the depths of the earth or the heart of kings – rather we are to search the scriptures – Jn 5:39 – we are to search the scriptures like a gold miner searches for gold in Alaska.

It is a waste of time to search the heavens, the depth and the heart of kings:

In searching heaven we will never find new Jerusalem or God (Job 11:7-10)

In searching the depth we will never find hell or the pillars of the earth

In searching kings we will never find their “heart” –

  • Jesus is the king of the Jews yet the Pharisees could never see that his heart was for them to get saved
  • When David fasted for Bathsheba’s child and then ate after the child’s death his servants were baffled – they couldn’t understand his heart
  • Nebuchadnezzar had a heart to destroy Jerusalem yet at the same time he had a heart to care for the captives of Judah until Cyrus could get them to return

Rather we need to spend our time searching the scriptures because:

God conceals some things Deut 29:29

God must reveal things to you – I Cor 2:10-16

  • His revelation will not be based on your scholarship or education – Lk 10:21 babes not Gen 41:8; Dan 2:2-4; 10; 27-28; 4:6-7; 5:12-15
  • His revelation will be given by the Holy Spirit I Cor 2:10-16 out of the words of God (comparing spiritual things with spiritual) – 2 Pet 1:19-21 – no private interpretation
  • His revelation will open the scriptures and your understanding of the scriptures – Lk 24:25-32, 45

Conclusion: So, to search the scriptures you need to search where kings search – Deut 17:18 – today your written copy of the law is in your KING James Bible.