Don’t Sell Out Prov. 23: 23

Don’t Sell Out Prov. 23 :23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This verse shows you two things about the truth – it’s going to cost you something to get it and once you get it you do not want to sell it – other investments are often bought and held for a period of time and then sold – that’s how you realize your profit – but with the truth you buy it and never sell it – and that’s how you realize its profit.

Now Jesus Christ is the truth and he is free – Rom 5 shows us that salvation is a free gift – but to get this gift to you there was a price, 1 Cor 6:20 – so though it didn’t cost you it did cost him.

The word of God is the truth and that one is going to cost you something – first you have to pay money to buy the Bible – second, you are going to pay if you decide to purchase a commentary or attend a Bible school – third, and most expensive of all, you are going to have to study (2 Tim 2:15) – to do that you are going to have to devote time alone and time at church and that time is very costly.

Now once you have the truth and you are SPENDING money and time studying it regularly, you must never sell it – don’t sell the wisdom and understanding that come from it, either – you are a sell out if you do.

Look at these sell outs and learn from them:

Eli sold out for fatness, laziness and family – 1 Sam 1:9, 2:29, 2:22, 3:3, 3:13, 4:18 – Jesus said that their would be division with the family and even hatred – they are not to hinder you from doing what God told you to do.

Solomon sold out for his lusts and his wives – Deut 17:16-17; 1 Ki 4:26, 1 Ki 10:14, 1 Ki 11:1-4 – Solomon was specifically forbidden in Deuteronomy and did it any way – when God forbids you to do certain things or tells you to do others then you have to do them no matter what – don’t sell out.

The Pharisees sold out for their tradition – Mk 7 – Col 2:8 forbids you from following their tradition.

Saul sold out to keep a crowd – 1 Sam 13:11 – a lot of ministries have forsaken the truth to keep a crowd or get up a crowd – the crowd hollered for the crucifixion of Jesus – God trimmed Gideon’s crowd to get down to the best 300 fighting men – compromise of the truth to get a crowd or keep a crowd is a sell out.