He Giveth of His Bread to the Poor Prov. 22: 9

He Giveth His Bread to the Poor Prov. 22:9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are illustrations of this proverb too numerous to relate in a short radio broadcast – but we will relate enough to give you a thorough understanding of the proverb – he giveth of his bread to the poor and he will be blessed for his bountiful eye – of course he doesn’t give just so that he can be blessed – he gives because it is in his heart to do so – he hath a bountiful eye!!

First and foremost Jesus gave of his bread to us – Jn 6:48 he is the bread of life and he gave this bread to us poor sinners that we might be saved and he was blessed in that he has brought many sons to God – his word is bread Deut 8:3 – he had a bountiful eye toward us – and the blessing is so many saved and well fed sheep who can reproduce for him.

Pastors are to give of their bread to the sheep – Jn 21, 1 Pet 5 – their blessing is the crown of glory – we feed sheep not for the crown but because we know that by this bread the sheep grow and please God.

The saved are to give the bread of God to the lost – Is 55:10-11 – their blessing is the crown of rejoicing – our bountiful eye is toward the lost who will not be saved if they do not receive the bread of life.

The widow gave her bread to Elijah – 1 Ki 17 – her blessing was that she had a barrel of meal that never wasted.

Abigail gave her bread to David – 1 Sam 25:18 – her blessing was that her household was spared and she ended up marrying David.

A prisoner gave his bread to the newcomer hostage (John Paton’s biography) – four hundred men divided evenly one piece of bread – after the division a newcomer was added and one of the prisoners divided his 1/400th in two so that the newcomer would have a piece – this charity eventually caused their captors to release them – we may find ourselves in a case like this one day if the Lord tarries – will you be dog-eat-dog or do you have a bountiful eye and will you wait on the blessing of God to take care of you?

A prisoner gave Joshua his hot pot –Joshua had been teaching this prisoner the Bible and when Joshua was moved the prisoner have him his hot pot as a gift to take with him.