Ruth a Type of the Church

Ruth 1-4 Ruth a Type of the Church CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Ruth and Boaz represent many types of the Church and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Today, we will study Ruth as a type of the Church.

She was a stranger – 1:4 – she was from Moab and was therefore a Gentile.  The Church is typically called the gentile bride of Christ [Eph2:11-13].

She turned from her god to The Lord God – 1:16 – see 1 Thes 1:9 where the church “turned to God from idols” and Acts 26:18 where the church turned “from the power of Satan unto God.”

She was “steadfastly minded” – 1:18 – see 1 Cor 15:58 where the church is to be “steadfast” and “unmovable.”

She worked in Boaz’s harvest fields – 2:1-3, 23 – see Jn 4:34-35 and Matt 9:37-38 where we are to work in “his” [the Lord’s harvest].

She was a good worker – 2:7 – see Tit 3:8, 14 where the Church is to maintain good works continually before the Lord.

She humbled herself before Boaz – 2:10 – see 1 Pet 5:6-7 where the Church is to be humble before the Lord and cast her care upon him.

She was rewarded for her labor – 2:11-12 – see Col 3:23-24 where the Church is rewarded by the Lord for her labors.

She was separated – 2:21-23; 3:10 – see 2 Cor 6:17-18 where the Church is to be separated from the world.

She found rest in Boaz – 3:1-2 – see Matt 11:28-30 where the Church finds rest in Jesus Christ.

She let Boaz know that she would marry him – 3:6-11 – see Jn 1:12 where we willingly receive Jesus Christ as our Savior and thus as our bridegroom [Eph5:25-32].

She married her redeemer – 4:13 – see Rev 19:7-9 where the Church marries Jesus Christ our redeemer [Eph5:25-32].