Safety is of the Lord Prov. 21: 31

Safety is of the Lord Prov. 21:31 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We feel safer with a strong military but a military without the Lord can be decimated by a weak military with the Lord.  We are a safety conscious society.  We have OSHA, seat belts and air bags, preventative health care [diet, exercise, nutrition, medication], burglar alarms, protective gear, child monitors, financial plans, child proof locks, child proof caps on medication, homeland security, security screening at airports, safety standards and codes of conduct at schools, hurricane preparedness, gold accumulation, gun ownership and concealed weapon ownership, home safes, insurance policies, safety instructions in air plane, life boats and preservers on sailing vessels, and on and on.

People want to be safe.  But they are leaving out the most important component in their plans for safer lives and a safer society.  Safety is of the LORD!!!

So, while you take safety precautions, you must trust the Lord.  If you trust the safety of those things and not the safety of the Lord you are making a huge mistake because those things can fail you.  You can still die being safe.

Likewise you can neglect some of these safety precautions and still be safe because of the Lord [many people have survived terrible accidents with not much more than a scratch and no seat belt].  A fellow in the hospital in Beeville was thrown out of his Blazer at 95mph and had one cracked cheekbone.  This was the second time he survived being ejected from a vehicle at high speed.  We’re not advising that you neglect your safety but just telling you that we have lost our balance with safety consciousness.  Every one is running around fearful of not being safe and who’s praying for safety and really relying on the Lord?

You must rely on the Lord for your:

Financial safety – contrast the widow with Ananias & Sapphira – see Eze 7:19, Zech 9:3-4 – they’ll throw their gold in the streets – riches profit not in the day of wrath

Country’s safety – see Jehoshaphat and the singers in 2 Chr 20:20-25; compare Is 31:1

Health – Moses Deut 34:7 and Caleb Josh 14:10

Children’s Safety – Matt 18:10, Mk 10:14

Job safety – Deut 22:8; Ex 21:33; Ecc 10:8-10 – practical wisdom plus God’s protection Num 31:48-49

Storm Safety – it has to come from the Lord Job 1:18-19; comp Is 25:4 – disciples rowing on the sea and mariners in general Ps 107:23-30, Paul’s shipwreck

Gun safety – Lk 22:35-38 the Lord condones self-defense but remember “safety is of the Lord”

Conclusion: When you sleep at night remember Ps 4:8