Oil in the Dwelling of the Wise Prov. 21: 20

Oil in the Dwelling of the Wise Prov. 21: 20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The practical application of Prov 21:20 is plain – there is oil in the dwelling of the wise – a wise man will save something of what he makes – he won’t recklessly spend it all on houses, cars, boats, recreation, and consumer goods – he’ll take care of the Lord’s tithes and offerings (as a cheerful giver) but he’ll show some restraint with the rest and keep a little back for when things are tight or for when he can’t work – he’ll have treasure ($$) and he’ll have oil (like olive oil to eat) – the widow had neither when her husband died and the creditor was coming to take her sons – the Lord had to provide her with plenty of oil to sell to pay off the creditor and give her sufficient to eat – that was a great miracle showing God’s care but don’t put your family in jeopardy by leaving them in debt and spending every nickel you make – that’s what a foolish man does – he spends it up – that’s what has happened in the USA and it is going to be bad trouble when things slow down – it’s just a matter of time.

There is another practical application – it applies to the USA – this country is our dwelling and if we were wise we would be able to find treasure and oil here – but what you find is $17 Trillion of national debt and more than 50% dependency on foreign oil – America spends more than $200,000 per minute on foreign oil – $13 million per hour. More than $25 billion a year goes for Persian Gulf imports alone.  In 2025 the U.S. is projected to consume 28.3 million barrels of oil per day – more oil than we do today, with domestic production meeting less than 50 percent of that need – we are a foolish nation of spenders.

There is a beautiful spiritual application – our future dwelling place is heaven (Jn 14) where we are supposed to be laying up treasure Matt 6:20-21 – at the Judgment Seat of Christ there should be gold, silver, and precious stones for us as the result of our work for Christ – a wise man will have that there – but a fool will spend it up by doing everything for himself down here and not for the glory of God – he won’t have treasure in heaven and everything that passes through the fire at the Judgment Seat of Christ will burn up.

There is another spiritual application – a wise man should be full of the Holy Spirit, typified by oil, 1 Sam 16:13 – we are commanded to be filled with the Spirit, Eph 5:18 – but a foolish man will “spend it up” by grieving and quenching the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30, 1 Thes 5:19 the context shows you how a foolish man “spendeth it up”) – it’s hard enough trying to live the Christian life while filled with the Spirit – it is impossible when you quench and grieve him.