Cursing Your Parents Prov. 20: 20

Cursing Mom & Dad Prov. 20:20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Instead of cursing your parents, you should follow what the Bible says.  The Bible gives you clear instructions about your relationship with mom and dad.  Moms and Dads have a good list of what the Lord expects from their children.

Your parents:

Are not to be cursed – Prov 20:20 otherwise lights out [they are your source of wisdom, light and instruction] – Ex 21:17 death penalty – but the Pharisees made the commandment of none effect (Matt 15:4-6) but Jesus upheld the commandment

Are not to be smitten – Ex 21:15

Are to be honored – the Bible commandment is to honor them and this commandment promises long life if you do – Ex 20:12; Eph 6:2-3

Are to be obeyed – Eph 6:1 right and well pleasing Col 3:20 when they are not it is the sign of the times in which we now live 2 Tim 3:2

Are to be reverenced – Heb 12:9

Are to be feared – Lev 19:3

Are to be requited – 1 Tim 5:4 to requite is to repay.