Bread of Deceit Prov. 20: 17

Bread of Deceit Prov. 20:17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Here’s the proverb concerning the bread of deceit: a man will feed you tasty food to deceive you which tastes good at first and then turns to gravel – it damages your teeth, it’s impossible to swallow, and it is incapable of nourishing your body – Prov 23:1-3 – comparing the bread to the words of God, the bread of deceit is something that looks like God’s words designed to deceive you and when you hear them and repeat what you have been fed you sound like you have marbles in your mouth

Adam and Eve were deceived by the devil – in Matt 4:4 when Jesus was deceived the same way, he thwarted the devil by quoting the words of God – there is surely a difference in the bread of the words of God and the bread of deceit of the devil – from preachers, there’s lots of deceitful bread today.

So here are some random thoughts on the bread of deceit:

In Matt 4:3, Jesus was tempted to turn stones into bread – this proverb speaks of turning bread into gravel – the devil was deceiving Jesus – lot of what poses for the word of God is wrong kind of bread.

In Matt 16:11-12, Lk 12:1, Jesus warned against the leaven of the Pharisees – there’s was hypocrisy and false doctrine but it tasted good – watch the Pharisees after eating all that deceitful bread try to answer a doctrinal question from the Lord – they sounded like they had gravel in their mouth (BLAH BLAH BLAH) – they questioned whether it was lawful to heal on sabbath – they couldn’t answer Jesus’ question concerning the baptism of John – when Jesus asked why they were trying to kill him they lied – when Jesus asked them if Christ is David’s son why did he call him Lord, they couldn’t answer him.

The Religious crowd eats the deceitful bread – and it turns to gravel AFTERWARD, like at the judgment – If Jesus asked you, “Why should I let you into my kingdom?”  You better have the right answer – you better know that answer now – a man saved out of the  Roman Catholic Church was mad when he found out he’d been deceived by the priest all those years.

A man who loves you like a father will give you the true bread and won’t deceive you – a man who doesn’t love you will give you a stone that looks and tastes like bread [Matt 7:9] and you won’t know you have been deceived till afterwards.

The true words of God are sweet to your taste, but they make your belly bitter – Ezek 2:8, 3:3, 14; Rev 10:9-10 – these true words of God don’t turn to gravel in your mouth, they make your belly bitter and cause you to preach the truth.