Satisfied with Bread Prov. 20: 13

Satisfied With Bread Prov. 20:13  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This proverb is very simple and shows a direct correlation between the amount of time you spend sleeping and your poverty.  Solomon says that if a man would open his eyes, he would be satisfied with bread.  In other words, opportunities to feed himself abound; he just has to get out of bed and look around to see them.

This proverb has a great spiritual application to the church today, as well.  The Bible is likened to bread.  And people complain of not getting very much out of the Bible these days.  In order to be satisfied with the bread of the words of God, you have to open your eyes.

Quit being lazy – Love not sleep – the church is asleep – like the way Israel has been Rom 11:8 – lulled by an ease in the comfortable modern churches – can’t see the words of God – the devil has a strong foot hold in the congregations of most of the churches in USA – Paul said to wake up Rom 13:11-14; 1 Cor 15:34; Eph 5:14-16; 1 Thes 5:6-8.

Quit living in poverty – warned lazy men that too much sleep would result in poverty – look at the Laodicean church in Rev 3:17 – they had plenty of money but they were dirt poor – compare 2 Cor 8:2, Rev 2:9 – many Christians are impoverished and starving on an insufficient diet.

Open your eyes – Acts 26:18 [2 Cor 4:4]; Eph 1:18; Ps 119:18 – if you can see what the Lord is saying in the Bible then you can be satisfied with the bread of God (2 Tim 3:16-17) – modern bibles don’t satisfy your appetite so modern Christians need other stuff to entertain them and keep them interested – like rock music and psychology applied from the pulpit.

And be satisfied with bread – Amos 8:11; Deut 8:3; Is 55:10-11 – the Bible is the greatest book on earth and it can satisfy the hunger of any man hungering for righteousness.