The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye Prov. 20: 12

The Hearing Ear & the Seeing Eye Prov. 20:12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This little proverb is profound in its simplicity.  It shows us some very important things that we never want to forget.  Notice:

The ears and the eyes were made by God – The Lord made – Gen 1:1, 2:7, Jn 1:3, Heb 11:3 – the eye and the ear are not the result of evolution – when a man believes in evolution he does not believe the Bible – consider the remarkable capacity of both the eyes and ears to distinguish color and sound – these were put there by God so that he could communicate with us.

The ears are for hearing – that’s what God made them for – therefore Mk 4:23 let him hear – Mk 4:24 take heed what ye hear – be swift to hear Jas 1:19, Ecc 5:1 – the Pharisees wouldn’t hear; their ears were dull of hearing Matt 13:15 – hear from the Lord in the Bible, on CD and in preaching – faith cometh by hearing – attempts to keep you from hearing are devilish.

The eyes are for seeing – therefore Matt 6:22, 23 the light of the body is the eye – Ps 101:3 no wicked thing before mine eyes – Prov 4:25 look right on – see the words of God Is 34:16 “seek ye out of book of Lord and read” – you can “see” God in the things that he made Rom 1, Ps 19 – attempts to keep you from seeing are devilish.

A preacher said, “The eye that cannot see and the ear that cannot hear are controlled by a heart that will not believe.”

You want to find God, then start believing what he said and what he has shown you.