Integrity Prov. 20: 7

Integrity Prov. 20:7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The characteristic of integrity is one of the most vital characteristics that any man can have. Unfortunately, there are many Christians who have failed in this area of life.

What is Integrity?

  • Moral soundness
  • Honesty
  • Freedom from corrupting influence, or motive

The idea of buying people off, or selling one’s name, has become so popular and commonplace that people fail to recognize this as a character flaw and a lack of integrity.

In this verse on integrity we find 3 things

Integrity is the characteristic of a just man – (Psalm 78:72)

Integrity guides his steps –  Anything that will attack his morals, anything dishonest, or anything that will influence him corruptly is not allowed to turn him to the right or to the left for he will continue on a straight path (Job 2:3). If you are trying to do something for the Lord you will come under attack by the devil, by the world, by sin, and by the flesh and this attack will be designed to knock you off track and to assault your integrity. The devil wants to knock you off track in order to prevent other people from being influenced to serve the Lord with the same intensity and zeal that you have displayed. To have integrity you need to make decisions early on that there are certain things that you are just not going to do regardless of how strongly you are being influenced to do them.

Integrity blesses his children – If you want your children to live in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, to grow up right, to do things that please you then you must demonstrate a life of integrity to them by your actions, so that they have the best example on this earth to follow (1Ki 9:4).